Friday, October 22, 2004


After many hours toiling away at properly tagging my MP3s -- yes, I can be obsessive at times -- it occurs to me that there are a truckload of artists with the first name of Billy (or a variation thereof)... Billy Joel, Billy Preston, Billy Joe Royal, Bill Withers, Bill Haley, etc. I suppose if you're given the first name of Billy at birth, the odds are fairly significant that you may grow up to be a musician, eh?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Forget Santa Claus, Hugh is coming to town!

For anyone who is yet to hear the news... the fabulous Hugh Hewitt will be in Louisville in November! Thank you for bringing him to our little part of the world, Salem Radio!!

... the sense God gave a goose!

Judging from the honking and general goose chatter over my place of residence today, I'd say that John Kerry must be in Ohio threatening to pose as a Conservative again. Sure enough, according to NewsMax, the errant Senator is indeed in Ohio goose-hunting today. I suppose, if he did shoot any geese, they were the Liberals of the goose community... all the good Conservative geese have taken refuge farther south in Kentucky!

Thank you, George!

If there is one person who has finally restored my faith in human beings and revived the common sense, plain speaking tradition of Mark Twain and Will Rogers, it is George J. Esseff, Sr. This gracious man paid a hefty sum to place an advertisement in the Washington Post. He wasn't advertising a product; he was advertising some old-fashioned common sense and right-thinking. Thank you, George. You are a treasure!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Interesting diversions

Play 20 Questions with an artificial intelligence program online. I stumped it with "salt" -- I wonder if it's learned anything about salt since earlier this afternoon...

Want a demonstration of what it feels like to be a Conservative who has to try to converse intelligently with a Leftists? Chat for a minute with A.L.I.C.E. No kidding... you Lefties make about that much sense!

Arrgh -- don't back down, Sinclair!

I'm sad to report that Sinclair Broadcasting Group Inc. -- to whom I'd written a rousing congratulatory missive on their decision to broadcast "Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal" -- has now backed down somewhat. Evidently, they will now be showing only part of the documentary on their broadcast stations. *sigh*

Yes, Sinclair, we straight-spined, principled Conservatives are all too familiar with the noisy heckling of the loony Left in our society... free speech only applies to them. I had hoped, however, that you might have been immune. Unfortunately, SBGI owns no broadcast stations in Louisville, Ky so we will be seeing none of the documentary on the public airwaves here.

Only his hairdresser knows for sure...

Thank you, Matt Drudge, for posting such a treasure today on the Drudge Report! I've long suspected that John Edwards is a metrosexual and now there's proof. Watch John Edwards fluff, pat, comb, preen and inspect the results in a compact mirror! Afterward, compare what a real man does while waiting on the metrosexual to show up for the debate.

These clips are part of a new art exhibit created by Harry Shearer. You may remember him from the supremely hilarious movie, "This is Spinal Tap" or as the voices of Ned Flanders and Montgomery Burns on "The Simpsons." Check out Harry's archive of other "found objects" (the audio clips are gems) on his website.

Friday, October 15, 2004

The beauty of owning an old car...

With an 11-year-old Saab, who's going to notice if a fascist Leftie keys my car? It might actually make the ancient paint job more interesting... Another of its charms, I'm told by a friend, is that it is now the only car in Louisville that only turns Right! This comment borne of the fact that my bumpers are PLASTERED with pro-GOP, pro-Veteran, pro-Bush, and ProtestWarrior stickers.

Commies trump REAL war heroes?

Okay, I just heard about this on talk radio and had to check it out for myself. I don't know why I am shocked to find this is true -- at least according to UPI. Yet again, the Liberal-biased media rears it's ugly head simply to prove that "freedom of speech" doesn't necessarily mean "true speech" or "intelligent speech." Nonsense like this qualifies simply as speech directed by Communist government officials videotaped and edited by Americans free to broadcast it! I wonder if Nightline will air the video of the Communist government "watcher" telling the villagers and VietCong what to say... AAAAAAAARGH!

...still awake...

Yes, I'm still awake. Damn it!!

Hmmm this might be helpful... although, I imagine that if I were to see a doctor at this ungodly hour it would have to be for a bootycall otherwise I'm sure I'd be charged out the arse for the housecall. However, that does shed an interesting light on the toe wiggling, stomach rub, progressive relaxation, and deep breathing techniques now doesn't it?

Extremist? Hardly!

I'm a lover, not a fighter. The fact that I enjoy blowing targets to smithereens doesn't change that, does it? We are fortunate here in Kentucky to have the Knob Creek Gun Range. They host two big shows a year where you can fire machine guns and watch exhibitions of military weaponry. For those of us who truly believe in "peace through superior firepower," this is an amazing event.

So, imagine my surprise, while Googling the event, to find that this particular show in 2003 was listed as an Extremist event on the Anti-Defamation League's website. They mention militia encampments as part of the reason it's considered "extremist." I take issue with the idea that militia are extremists. They may be the only line of defense if, God forbid, John Kerry becomes President and subjugates U.S. sovereignty to Kofi and his band of crooks! C'mon ADL, let's be realistic about who we classify as "extremists!"

Where do I stand politically?

I think this makes my political stance clear. However, for you dunderheaded Liberals who probably won't get it, let me make it simple: Freedom isn't free, Peace isn't pretty, and John Kerry isn't a war hero.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

If you're there before it's over...'re not really late. Okay, I feel a bit late to the blog party but I'm jazzed to have made it! I mean, hey, just look at all the interesting blogs mixing and mingling! I really must introduce myself to Ipse Dixit and The Ville -- they look like they might be very interesting. How exciting! I'm all aquiver! Excuse me. I must duck into the powder room first... I feel silly mingling as Rightwing Warrior Wench; I believe Blogger Babe might be more appro for this soiree... Back soon!