Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a day filled with gratitude and with the love of family and friends on Thanksgiving day. We had about 12 people with us and someone at the table gave thanks for everyone with him at the table that day. That's the spirit of Thanksgiving summed up nicely for me!

In addition to boundless gratitude for Mom's cancer staying in remission, I gave thanks this year for my wonderful husband, a great bunch of new in-laws, and some terrific stepkids. I would like to have given thanks for a successful election but *sigh,* the way I figure it, true Conservatism would have lost regardless of which candidate won. Unfortunately, that's just the way it was with this year's election. All we Conservatives have for entertainment over the next four years is the interesting exercise of seeing how long it takes Obama voters who've gloated about his win to realize that Socialism/Obamaism only works for those appointed to oversee the redistribution of everyone else's resources. It ought to be an interesting and conflicted four years.

I apologize for the atypical lack of a post to the men and women who have served and are currently serving our country on Veteran's Day. I hope you'll accept my most sincere apology and a very belated Thank You!

If I don't get more attentive to ConservaChick soon, my New Year's resolution will be to become more frequent in my postings here. I have been horribly inattentive and there has been SO much to type about!

Speaking of the Obama voters, you will have to see an email I received just after the election from a friend's circle of friends. It was one of those email messages where someone chose to click "Reply to All" on an email with a large distribution to people, most of whom only knew the sender of the original email but not necessarily each other. The email was a gloating rave about Obama's win. Naturally I was quick to respond. Others on the distribution list fired back as well . It turned into quite an interesting bunch of responses. That chain of messages in the proper context will be my next post. Stay tuned for that one this week. I guarantee some of the text will have your blood boiling and some of it will make you say "Damn right!"

Thursday, November 06, 2008


...down goes the Soma.

Mmmm. Double-plus good for you Obama voters, isn't it?

I'm eager to see who is appointed to the "Ministry of Peace."