Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What do Norman Rockwell and Jesus have in common?

If you laughed out loud at this, you've GOT to visit iowntheworld.com for more laughs... believe me, you're going to need them in the next few weeks.

Not Evil Just Wrong

October 18, 2009 -- Mark your calendars for a new type of Tea Party to debut "Not Evil Just Wrong" in homes across the fruited plain!

In an email broadcast I received today from Americans for Prosperity:

Two courageous Irish film-makers, Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, have spent 3 years and over $1 million creating a power-packed, entertaining documentary called "Not Evil, Just Wrong" that details the real consequences of draconian global warming "solutions" – both here in the United States and across
the world.

Americans for Prosperity is partnering with Ann and Phelim on a massive grassroots effort to turn the tables on our opponents. On October 18, our coalition will hold the largest premiere of any documentary in American history.

Our goal is simple: on October 18 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time literally tens-of-thousands of grassroots Americans like you and me will hold viewings of their film - Not Evil, Just Wrong - in homes, at local community events, really anywhere where even 2 or 3 Americans can be educated on this crucial issue.


...still working on getting our pics from the 9/12 March on DC into a movie suitable for YouTube and the blog. You'll be the first to know when it's done.