Wednesday, December 28, 2005

That silly Saddam!

You'd think that a treacherous tyrant like Saddam would take his trial just a bit more seriously than this!

Friday, December 23, 2005


My apologies for the recent lapse in this blog. I have had to take a small hiatus from blogging to prepare for a move farther north to a different city here in Kentucky. I've spent the past two weeks or so packing for the move. Nice timing with the holidays upon us, huh? ;o) The good news is that the move is tomorrow morning (hmm... technically the move is THIS morning!). The bad news is that it may be a few more days until I'm back up to speed and blogging again.

I've not forgotten about all of the recent events that require a commentary -- the successful election in Iraq on the 15th (way to go, Iraq!), the nonsense about the President and "spying," and the big to-do over the renewal of the Patriot Act. I certainly intend to weigh in!

Thanks for your patience! Have a very merry Christmas! Please make room in your celebration this year to remember our brave men and women in the Armed Forces who must be away from their loved ones this holiday season.

Dawn (aka "Conservachick")

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Purple Finger, Anyone?

Okay folks, it's that time again... the Iraqi people will be going to the polls on December 15th. I vividly remember staying up into the wee hours of the morning the first time they went to the polls. This time, being a fully employed responsible adult, I won't be able to savor the coverage as I did last time. Instead, I intend to show solidarity with the Iraqi people with a purple ribbon instead. A simple little purple ribbon affixed to my sweater should be enough for (a) someone disconnected from the news to ask the question that will allow me a few moments to educate them on the fantastic developments in Iraq, and/or (b) to show my own solidarity with the new Iraqi government and the people who are bringing all of our efforts there to fruition through their votes.

Bill Bennett has been promoting the "Purple Finger of Freedom" campaign which I think is a wonderful idea. Read more about it and join the effort! Is there anything more moving than free people supporting those people who are building their own future through a democratic process?
Whatever you may choose to do, please remember to support the Iraqi people in whatever way is best for you -- pray for them, wear a purple ribbon, and/or go full out with a purple finger. More than ever, it's so very important for all free people everywhere to know that Americans who live in the greatest country on Earth are supporting them not only militarily but in spirit! Solidarity, baby, yeah!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bravo, Senator Bunning!

Well folks, it's been a while since I found any time to blog lately. The holidays added to my regular hectic schedule plus yet another car issue have really put me behind the 8-ball in all areas -- and I sure miss having quality time with the blog!

There are many thoughts that I really want to communicate but this one must come first. As I wrote previously, the Democrat amendment that required the President to submit a timeline for withdrawl from Iraq (surrender, basically) was voted down and yet, for some crack-induced reason, the Republican leadership on the Hill felt a need to answer the defeat of the "surrender amendment" with their own Warner amendment which requires our President, who is pretty busy of late conducting a war that is critical to our national security (in case anyone missed that), to write reports to the Congress on a regular basis. The Republican Warner amendment passed. Yep, we shot down the surrender and then decided instead to handcuff the President in a time of war. Sheer lunacy!

Senator Bunning was the only Senator from Kentucky (and one of a handful of Conservatives on the Hill) to vote against both of these pieces of nonsense. I wrote him a nice letter thanking him for doing what we elected him to do: act as our Conservative voice in a sea of Liberal and turncoat-Conservative nonsense in this time of war.

I received his reply today by mail and this part of his response must be made known to everyone who cares about victory, to those who question what victory means, and to those who don't understand what it means for a Senator to stand with our troops in his mission on Capitol Hill:

"...While I believe it is important to bring our troops home as soon as the job is done, I voted against the amendments because I think they sent the wrong message to our troops and our enemies. Our troops need to know that they have the full backing of Congress and our country. Our enemies know that they cannot win against our military in a fight and we need to make sure they understand that they cannot defeat Washington either.

I continue to believe Iraq is right now the central battlefront in the War on Terror and we must complete the mission there in order to keep our country safe. I will not do anything to demoralize our troops or give comfort to our enemies. I will see the mission through, no matter what the Washington press corps says..."

I wrote to Senator McConnell on the same evening my letter went out to Senator Bunning. However, McConnell's letter was no warm and fuzzy "thank you." Instead, I expressed my utter dismay and disappointment at what he and Bill Frist (R-TN) did by crafting and helping to pass the Warner amendment in this time of war, when this country needs all of its patriots to echo Senator Bunning's refrain: "I will see the mission through, no matter what the Washington press corps says." I have yet to receive a reply to my letter to McConnell... gee, I wonder why.

Thank you, Senator Bunning!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

This is news?!

I find it hard to believe that the media covered President Bush's speech and the document published on Victory in Iraq today as news. As usual, Hugh Hewitt has written the definitive piece on this today, including some great links.

Look, none of us in our RIGHT mind had any doubt what the plan was -- the President has been telling us what it was from the "git go" years ago. Those of us in our RIGHT minds knew that basing victory on a timeline for withdrawl of our troops was not only ludicrous but synonymous with surrender. I suppose the Lefties needed to see it in print... and yet, they are still nattering on with more nonsense today as if they hadn't even heard a word that's been said or read a word of the report that was printed. Why do we Conservatives even bother? *sigh*