Sunday, January 30, 2005

Celebrate this Historic Day

I am still celebrating -- stayed up until 5am last night to watch the reports and the video -- missed most of my Sunday afternoon sleeping to make up for lost hours overnight but it was well worth it!

If you haven't checked in at Iraq the Model today, please do. Muhammad and Omar blogged their experience voting today. Your heart will swell with pride for them and for the Coalition. Together, we made this happen! God bless the new Iraq and her people!

Obsessed with Democracy in Iraq!

Okay, it's almost 02:30 and I'm still up watching Fox News to see how things are going with the election in Iraqi today (Sunday). I may be an obsessed news junkie. However, I'm pretty sure that I'm simply an American who is so very proud that my country has brought this special moment to reality for repressed Iraqis to finally have a voice in their future.

Every time a news reporter interviews Iraqis in line at a polling place (ex-pats in other countries as well as Iraqis in their hometowns), there are huge smiles and thumbs-up. I almost thought for a few minutes tonight that Geraldo Rivera was going to break into song and shed some tears of joy right on camera! He overflowed with pride and happiness right there on camera as he talked about the Iraqis he saw voting today. I am so proud of the Iraqi people and of our valiant men and women in uniform! What a special day in history!

God bless them all and keep them safe on this day of freedom!

For the rest of my obsessed friends, you might like to know that Spirit of America is doing a broadcast event online and CSPAN will be showing some of the Spirit of America broadcast from 2-4pm EST today (Sunday). Also, check out Friends of Democracy as they blog the happenings directly from Iraq. I'll probably be glued to all of this as well. Okay, it's official: I'm obsessed!

Overpass Rally

I am happy to report that Protest Warrior's overpass rally in support of the elections in Iraq was a complete success on Friday afternoon during rush hour traffic. My heartfelt and enthusiastic thanks to BlueOneGolf and Kadnine. It would not have happened without them!

The three of us deployed to the I-64 overpass at Browns Lane in St. Matthews around 16:30 Friday. BlueOneGolf had acquired all of the military service flags and a flag with all the service emblems that stated "We support our troops." He quickly attached those along with Old Glory to his truck, which he conspicuously parked on the shoulder of the overpass with the hazard blinkers on. Kadnine and I unfurled my poorly-stenciled "God Bless the Free Iraq" banner and held tightly to the top of it as it draped in the wind over the overpass. We were short a pair of hands as one of our compatriots had to address the realities of life and couldn't make it at the last minute on Friday. However, we quickly regrouped and figured out how to unfurl and hold onto the second banner which (again, in my sub-standard stencil style) read "God Bless America."

The response was amazing! Not only did cars on Browns Lane (behind us) honk and wave, just about every 18-wheeler and many, many cars on the interstate sent us their support via some long, enthusiastic horn blasts and open-window waves. At one point, I heard a honk from behind me on Browns Lane... I turned around to see a St. Matthews police cruiser pulled over on the opposite shoulder of the overpass. Before I could even worry about being in trouble, the officer smiled, waved, and gave me a big thumbs up! He pulled off and left us grinning. Thank you, officer! I have yet to meet a police officer anywhere in Louisville who doesn't enjoy seeing us out there on the streets showing our support for all the great ideals for which our nation stands. God bless them all!

About fifteen minutes after our mission began, a WLKY-32 news truck pulled off the shoulder about 10 yards from where we stood. They videotaped something with a reporter but never talked to us (on camera or off). As far as I can tell there was no coverage on WLKY that evening so who knows what they were up to? It was odd in many ways... why shoot a reporter talking about something with the I-64 traffic in the background? Why choose the same overpass? Go figure.

Toward the end of our mission, I was determined to get a picture of the rally from the interstate level and left the fellas on the overpass to find my way down to the freeway. I hopped the guardrail, scrambled down into the brush, crawled under some barbed wire and emerged on the grass of the westbound side of I-64. Snapped a few pictures (the best of which I've posted here) and crawled back up. I felt like a commando. I suppose that's about as close as I'm going to get to commando status at my advanced age, eh? ;-) By the time I got back to the overpass, the news truck was gone and it was almost 6pm. It was time to draw the mission to a close.

Again, my deepest thanks to Kadnine and BlueOneGolf for their enthusiasm and dedication to the cause. I hope that Kadnine will share the pictures of our mission with his compatriots still in Iraq. We are so proud of them all and proud of the Iraqi people who are voting today!!

Letting our Free Flags Fly! The banner says "God Bless the Free Iraq"
Kadnine and BlueOneGolf

Flags are Ready -- BlueOneGolf gives a big thumbs up!

Setting up the Flags

Thursday, January 27, 2005

News from the Counter-Inaugural Protest

Lo and behold, the C-J decides not to cover us at all and the LEO does! Go figure... Due to the use of a frameset or some other nonsense, I can't link you directly to it. Check it out by clicking on the Features section. It's the second feature article on the list. They were even brave enough to quote our Chapter Leader and to photograph some of our signs! Wooohooo!

Invitation to Activism Tomorrow!

Hey freedom-lovers and friends,

From 4:30pm to 5:30pm tomorrow evening, a few of us in Protest Warrior will be flying Old Glory, some of the military service flags, and a few banners supporting our troops and the elections in Iraqi from the Browns Lane I-64 overpass. We'll see if our local media have any noses for newses...

If you can clear your calendar from 4:30 to 5:30 tomorrow and want to stop by to help hold the banners or lend moral support, feel free! We'd love to see you there!

Sorry for the short notice but I just now finished stenciling my first banner and have much more to do before I go to bed! Consider this your written invitation. ;-)

Update on the Essay

Thanks so much for the comments back at the original post on this, GBW and El Jefe Maximo. I think it is glorious that you both took opposite positions on how I should go on this! I'm sure I've taken on more than I can chew though as I chose to take the pro-outsourcing position for my essay. I only need to provide a decent argument along with data and expert opinion references to make the point on a narrow thesis, so I'm hoping I can pull that off. Found lots of good articles at The Economist and CIO Magazine. I wonder if he'll see these sources as valid.

Here is my message to the instructor regarding my choice of topic for the persuasive essay:

...After taking a second look at the topics and the purpose of our essays, I've selected "Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Countries" as my topic. I find this topic interesting from an economic as well as a political point of view. It seems quite suitable for a Persuasive Essay because arguments can certainly be made for either side of the outsourcing issue. This particular subject was popular during the Presidential campaign last year. As a matter of fact, I overheard it being discussed a number of times, passionately, by people from different socio-economic circumstances. Since it is a topic of current concern, there are likely be plentiful sources of data with which to support either side of an argument. I think this topic lends itself well to the Persuasive Essay and will be quite challenging.

Here is the instructor's response, at the bottom of which he did give me a perfect score for choice of topic and rationale by the way:

Excellent topic choice for your essay. While I am a firm believer in freedom of choice for business, not at the expense of our American workers. Let me get off of my soapbox and share with you this important fact. Do not allow emotions to dictate your research, allow critical thinking to be your guide and you will do just fine with your paper development.

Good luck to you!

I subsequently submitted a brainstorming exercise in which I used phrases like "companies are not welfare institutions," "companies CAN be regulated right out of business," and "where's the incentive for a company to stay in the US?" Surprisingly enough, he gave me a perfect score for my brainstorming exercise! I would say that this might not be as difficult as I was afraid it would be. Maybe this instructor is less political... am I crazy?!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The ONE German Who Got it Right

From Frontpage Magazine, earlier this month, comes the text of an opinion piece published in Welt am Sonntag written by Henryk M. Broder. "Europe -- your family name is appeasement."

Well worth a read for those of us who continue to believe that common sense and right-thinking are still alive and well in some Europeans...

Outsourcing Essay Dilemma!

True confessions time... I have embarked on a journey to finish my Bachelor's degree. I started on this original journey back in 1981 and was focused on a degree in Communications. This time, however, I'm doing it solely online with University of Phoenix and focusing on a degree in Information Technology. You know, so far it's proving to be a good strategy. The flexibility of not having to physically appear in a classroom each week is great. I tend to travel a bit for work so that kept me away from classes in the past. Now, I'm learning quite a bit, keeping up on the syllabus, and finding the learning quite fun.

So, what's the dilemma? My Communications course has a persuasive essay at the heart of it. I am to write, for the final, a persuasive essay on the topic of "Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Countries." I am to take a pro or con position on it. Here's the dilemma... I've no idea if my professor is open-minded or is another product of the socialist University system.

So, your opinion is now being solicited. Do I play it safe by writing a con position? or do I stay true to my own principles and write a pro position essay? If I do stick to my principles of free trade and unbridled Capitalism, anyone have any ideas on where I might find good supporting data?

Yikes! Even as aware as I like to think I am, I really didn't think I'd find myself in this predicament!

UPDATE Y'ALL: I wrote the pro-outsourcing position essay and received a good grade! Thank God there are open-minded intellectuals teaching at some institutions! Wooohooo!

Thank God for the Brits!

Allow me a brief "Hurrah!" for the Brits. Without friends like PM Tony Blair, where would the US be today in its War on Terror? From the Jihad Watch blog, tales of woe for three detainees released from Gitmo... So, ACLU, how do you like them apples? eh? :-P

Monday, January 24, 2005

Iraqi Elections

I posted this information on the Cardinal Coalition blog also but wanted to be sure to spread the word far and wide so I'm posting it here as well. You won't find the biased mainstream media showing any of the positive efforts happening in Iraq right now; you'll only see the pictures of the havoc that insurgents are wreaking to discourage the voters.

With the elections in Iraq only six days away now, I wanted to share this opportunity. Have a look at translated Iraqi TV ads that are in full swing up until the historic day of their first elections. These clips are incredible and some are quite moving.

We, as free people, are in an amazing place in history right now. Freedom-loving Americans are cheering the Iraqis on toward their liberty. Watching how a fledgling democracy encourages its citizens to exercise their new-found power of the vote gave me a spiritual lift. I feel so very blessed to be a citizen of a country whose might is focused on helping others reach liberty for themselves. Granted, the world will be safer when more dictators are out of business but there is a spiritual tone to leading the way toward the light of freedom for others.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Congratulations, America!

It was a proud day for the majority of Americans. What an amazing day! Watching our President take his second oath of office on television today was almost a spiritual experience. His speech was inspiring and superb. I couldn't be prouder. Congratulations, America! Congratulations, President Bush and Vice-President Cheney! Looking forward to four more awe-inspiring years. And, by the way, could I make just a small request? Would you please stop spending ALL our money on this "compassionate Conservative" bit? I'd rather spend it on the troops and shoring up our loose borders... just an idea.

Oh, and for those of you feeling bad for Kerry. Well, he did get a consolation prize...

T-shirts for Traitors

Well, what can I say? Traitors sometimes get a t-shirt but they NEVER get the votes nor the respect of freedom-loving, patriotic Americans. Too bad, so sad, Johnny "gigolo" Heinz.

Tired of speeding tickets?

1. Tie these balloons (see picture) to your car.
2. Drive like a bat out of hell...130 mph or so.
3. Watch people around you freak out.
4. Tell the highway patrol you thought they were for real.

Red is Positive

Here's an item that reflects what most Americans really think despite the posturing of the liberal "PC media elite" broadcasts:

T. Bubba Bechtol, part time City Councilman from Midland, TX, was asked on a local live radio talk show the other day just what he thought of the allegation of torture of the Iraqi prisoners. His reply prompted his ejection from the studio, but to thunderous applause from the audience.
"If hooking up an Iraqi prisoner's scrotum to a car's battery cables will save one American GI's life, then I have just two things to say: Red is positive and black is negative."

Fun with Lefties and other Updates

I must apologize for my total lack of attention to the blog lately. I've gone back to school to finish my degree and it's become quite a handful. I have to do this as it's one of the last things I've left unfinished in the past 40 years. It has become an ego thing more than a necessity at this point in my life. I must admit, however, that I'm rooting for the "Street Smarts" team on The Apprentice tonight!

And now... the main event today. Protest Warrior made a good showing at the lunatic Leftists' counter-inaugural fiasco at the courthouse downtown today. One random citizen, a distinguished local Army veteran, two FReepers, and 10 Protest Warriors made the Rightwing opinion known. It's amazing how few Rightwing activists it takes to piss off 50-100 Leftists! You would have thought there were 500 of us there from the response we got! hehehe I posted the "after-action" report on the Cardinal Coalition blog. Please visit and read up on the fun we had! God knows you won't see any accounts of it on local news broadcasts or any fair representation of it in the local print media either...

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Fighting the Left... doing it RIGHT!

With great predictability, the lunatic Libs in Jefferson County (Louisville) raise their ugly heads in protest yet again... I have it on good authority that we can expect a counter-inaugural protest to bash Bush and the war against Islamo-fascism on Thursday downtown. Protest Warrior has done its homework and we are ready.

Along with a number of other dedicated Conservatives, I'm taking the afternoon off from work to make sure that the Conservative voice is heard at the LPAC counter-inauguration march and rally downtown on Thursday, Jan. 20th from about 3:30pm to 6pm.

If you're interested in joining the Protest Warrior folks, some FReepers, a variety of church-going pro-Life activists and other freedom-lovers in a counter-protest to the Liberal insanity here in Jefferson County on Inauguration Day, please email me. I'll send you all the details.

As always, we will have signs you can borrow for the event. All you need is the attitude, the determination, and a camera if you want some great pictures of actual lunatic Liberal behavior on the streets of Louisville Metro! It has the potential for an amazing amount of fun...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead?...

Well, I must say that when I ran across this article on the EIU ViewsWire, I was not very surprised. I had to copy it intact rather than using a link as it's on the subscriber side. I thought it was worth the risk and the real estate to get this out to you all.

It certainly explains a lot about the marine who shot an allegedly wounded insurgent a few months back... Where was this story in the national press?
13 Jan 2005

Iraq politics: Fallujans fought under drug influence, Marines say


Troops note the caches found and rebels' ability to keep going even after being severely wounded.

By Tony Perry, Times Staff Writer
Times staff writer Mark Mazzetti in Washington contributed to this report.

FALLOUJA, Iraq - Although the ferocity of insurgents is generally attributed to religious fervor and a hatred of America, Marines who participated in the November assault on Fallouja say many of their foes also had something else to bolster their tenacity: drugs.
The Marines say they found numerous stockpiles of needles and drugs such as adrenaline and amphetamines while battling insurgents in the fiercest urban combat waged by U.S. forces since the Vietnam War.

In some homes used by insurgents, crack pipes were found, the Marines say.

Senior U.S. military officials in Iraq said that some of the drug caches discovered during the Fallouja offensive had an estimated street value of several thousand dollars.

Top military officials consider the discoveries to be evidence not just of drug use among insurgents, but also of smuggling operations that they say the Sunni Muslim rebels in Fallouja may have been using to finance the insurgency.

"They are just as likely to be indications of drug smuggling as insurgents being doped up to provide stamina or have the courage to fight and die," a senior military official in Baghdad said.
Officers in Iraq say soldiers and Marines found similar evidence of drug use among Shiite Muslim militiamen during April and August uprisings in Najaf.

The conduct of many of the insurgents during the fighting in Fallouja suggested that they had ingested drugs that enabled them to continue fighting even after being severely wounded, Marines and Navy medical corpsmen say.

"One guy described it as like watching the 'Night of the Living Dead,' " corpsman Peter Melady said. "People who should have been dead were still alive."

Marines say the information prompted them to change their strategy.

"On the second day of the fight, word came down to focus on head shots, that body shots were not good enough," said 1st Lt. Tim Strabbing, a platoon leader with the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, one of the lead units in the assault to oust the insurgents. The battalion, known as the Thundering Third, suffered 23 dead and 300 wounded.

Strabbing said his platoon found five locations with stockpiles of needles and adrenaline. "My guys put five [machine gun] rounds into a guy who just stood there and took it and then took off running," he said.

Stimulants enable the body to continue functioning despite mortal wounds, forestalling, although not preventing, death, medical experts say.

Many combat veterans recall watching insurgents in Fallouja who had been shot at close range return fire and hurl grenades at Marines who stormed their strongholds.

"We actually shot four or five guys multiple times and they got up and moved across the room," said corpsman Quinton Brown, who had accompanied a front-line platoon to treat wounded Marines.

"It reminded me of the stories you hear about people on PCP who just keep going," 1st Lt. Cosmo Calvin said. "I think it's safe to say that nearly 100% were doped up on this stuff."
Second Lt. Adam Mathes said the fighting tempo of the insurgents seemed to suggest drug use: hyper-energy in the morning and early afternoon, possibly after a fix, and then less energy as the day wore on.

"When you see a house land on somebody and they're still kicking, you know something is wrong," he said.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Disenfranchisement Mythology

"Given that distortions of the Commission's Florida 2000 report formed much of the basis for the disenfranchisement myth, several commissioners were concerned that any irregularities reported by staff, however minor, would be hyped into yet another "stolen election." But at the commission's November 12, 2004, meeting, the staff reported . . . absolutely nothing."

The whole article is certainly worth a read as the author, Peter Kirsanow is a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. I'd say that his opinion is well-founded, wouldn't you?!

I'd Rather Fire Dan...

"Our long national nightmare is over. Now is the time, in fact, it is past time to move on."

...And, in other news...

"It's appalling that Rumsfeld faces no consequences," said the Senator. "This arrogant administration never admits mistakes."

Courtesy of Scott Ott at ScrappleFace -- as usual, Scott, thanks for your comedic gems!

Liberals Love America...

Liberals love America like O.J. loved Nicole (by Russ Vaughn)

As Ann Coulter said, bless her scathing sharp soul,
Liberals love America like O.J. loved Nicole.
Sad words those may be, but with ire they must fill us,
If the Left can’t control us, they’d just as soon kill us.

It’s a madness you see, coming full to the fore,
Since they lost every battle of 2004.
The weaker seek shrinks while the blamers point fingers,
And the madness just festers, the lunacy lingers.

They had trusted John Kerry to lead from above,
But the problem with that was his hand fit the glove.
And the Swift Boat detectives took us far back in time,
Shining their hard bright light on the Perp and his crime.

The psychosis blooms full and the future’s not rosy,
As long as they’re led by the likes of Pelosi.
The symptoms are glaring, prognosis is poor
Till en masse, they pass, their worm, Michael Moore.

So the Left can’t win fairly, can’t win at the poll?
Then they’ll seek other ways to defeat and control.
Undermine our elections, give aid to our foe,
To debase, to deface, a Nicole-U.S. Ho.’

O.J. had a jury that saw it his way,
But believe me you Lefties, it’s come a new day,
Red State America sits the main jury seat
And for your socialist goals, that spells jury defeat.

If you believe as I do, O.J. murdered Nicole,
Then you believe as I do, he was out of control.
Like crazed Lefties stabbing at our nation’s heart,
He was crazy with loss, acting stupid, not smart.

Will America share the same fate as Nicole?
Slashed, shattered and battered for resisting control?
No, Nicole-America has punch in her Right,
And this time Juice Lefties,



I am now a devoted Russ Vaughn fan! Russ Vaughn? Yes, THE Russ Vaughn!
Do yourself a big favor and check out Russ's other poems and articles on the web.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

How Abbas a Little Optimism?

Okay, I've seen the articles decrying Mahmoud Abbas as just another terrorist... I've read a bit about his background. Yes, he founded Fatah along with Arafat. The election held in the Palestinian Authority on Sunday wasn't (by most accounts) exactly without thuggery and manipulation. Granted. But, folks, any chance that the election of Abbas is a good sign for a long-sought peace with Israel?

Abbas could be speaking out of both sides of his mouth to get elected. What politician doesn't? At 69 years of age, it could very well be that he's watched his and Arafat's terrorist strategies fail and is now ready to truly begin peace negotiations with Israel. Obviously, his strategy to bring Fatah into the "official" fold could turn out to spark a war among thugs -- Hamas hasn't been asked to join the "official" government machine in the PA...

I have more reading to do but I think optimism is called for here. This leopard doesn't necessarily have to change his spots. It's possible that he's rearranging them in a more peace-like fashion, isn't it?

Friday, January 07, 2005

Moore Conspiracy

I would like to personally thank Congresswoman Maxine Waters for thanking Michael Moore (on the record) during her five minutes of nonsense yesterday. The fact that it came right after the sarcastic remarks of a Republican Representative (wish I could remember his name!) who posed the question of a Democrat conspiracy -- wasn't it Senator Barbara Boxer who attended the premiere of Fahreheit 9/11? Wasn't it then Barbara Boxer who responded to Michael Moore's open letter to the Senate by signing on to an official challenge to the certification of Ohio's electoral votes? -- was PRICELESS! Maxine, nice job! hehehe

So, the question remains, will Moore be buying himself the Chairmanship position at the DNC with his ill-gotten, war-profiteering gains? or might the Dems just go ahead and Knight him as they stand in awe of his mighty propagandist powers? Geez, Libs... you still don't get it, do you?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Disgraceful Conduct in Congress Today

I have been monitoring C-SPAN channels today as the circus comes to town in DC. What a disgrace! I have never been angrier... well, maybe I have but I can't recall when... as I watch the Democrats take the floor to debate the certification of Ohio's electoral votes!

One by one, as the Dems make their arguments, they are trying to convince us that their objection to certifying Ohio's electoral votes is not about trying to change the outcome of the election but about airing grievances over election irregularities. Do these legislators not understand that the proper venue for this is in the Ohio STATE legislature, not the federal legislature.

Moreover, if the Dems are being honest about their reasoning for this objection, why was there no objection raised to certifying the electoral votes from Wisconsin, Michigan, and other states where Kerry won electoral votes and there were alleged irregularities in the popular voting process? How stupid must the Dems think the American people are?! Is Michael Moore now in charge of the Democrat party?

The people of this great democratic Republic vote at the polls AFTER being certified eligible and registering to vote in their home states. Uh, ahem, well that's actually no longer necessarily true... thanks to the "Help Americans Vote Act" or HAVA, we now allow people who cannot be verified as eligible to vote to cast a ballot anyway. Yo, Congressional Dems... think THAT might have held up the lines and caused problems on Election Day in Ohio?... Not only does that slow the lines down as poll workers must attempt to verify the voter's eligibility but, later, after they are verified NOT to be registered to vote by officials at the state Board of Elections, their ballot are not counted anyway. How is this helpful?!

The most surreal moment, for me, in this process came when Senator Jesse Jackson, Jr. during his five minutes in the Senate proceedings shouted for granting voting eligibility to every citizen simply based on US citizenship alone -- let's allow voters to vote wherever they like regardless of the voter's home state, regardless of whether he can verify his identity. Heck, JJ Jr., why not go all out and let the mobs rule and anarchy reign freely over our election process at a FEDERAL level!

The most amusing moment, for me, in this process came when Rep. Tom DeLay called the conspiracy theorists who have objected to certifying Ohio's electoral votes the "X-Files wing" of the Democrat party! Perfect.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my Dad's 64th birthday. He makes 64 look pretty darned good. Dad is an Army veteran who served 22 years for this country. He flew chinook helicopters for the Army and served two tours of duty in Vietnam -- for you Libs, that's TWO YEARS not 4 months. I left home not too awfully long after he retired so that's the career I remember most.

I think back to when I was younger... we butted heads constantly. I knew I was in big trouble when he whipped out the curse words -- he NEVER swore in front of women and children. Even after two years in Vietnam and 22 years in the Army. I have always thought that an amazing accomplishment, especially in this day and age! He wasn't the easiest Dad to get along with back then. However, as I grew older, I began to understand that "easy" is such a relative term. My childhood, even with two years of Dad off to war and our constant battles on the homefront, was easy and secure compared with his. Dad didn't have much that you would consider "easy" in his childhood and then later, there wasn't anything "easy" about his struggle with memories from the war and struggles to adapt to civilian life.

I vividly recall a story that Dad told me from one of his tours in Vietnam. Bear with me here and you'll understand the relevance to his birthday... He was on the flight roster as co-pilot for an early morning flight while in-country. He said that normally someone would come to wake him in time for a flight but that morning no one woke him. He was a bit upset when he woke up thinking he'd missed his flight. When he double-checked the flight roster, he found that a pilot named AJ Bottom had substituted himself on that flight -- he had crossed out Dad's name and substituted his own as co-pilot. Evidently he and the pilot were friends and he wanted to fly with his buddy. That particular flight never made it back. They found the cockpit of the chinook, with the pilots still strapped in, partly submerged in a rice paddy. Thanks to AJ Bottom's seemingly simple substitution, my Dad came home from the war. I'm sure AJ never realized he was going to give his life that day; I'm sure his family wished he hadn't. When I visited the Vietnam Memorial Wall, I found CW2 Bottom's name on Panel 14E, Line 31. I thanked him and his family for their sacrifice. I don't think I've ever mentioned that to Dad. I'm sure it would be a bit upsetting for him. Nonetheless, every year on Dad's birthday, I hug him tight and say "Happy Birthday" and silently thank AJ Bottom for allowing us to celebrate another year of having Dad in our lives.

I am so very glad that he and Mom are retired and living back here in Louisville. I get to see him take life easy and enjoy his family for the first time in years and years... heck, maybe for the first time ever. He and my Mom are still happily married and manage to laugh about the way they annoy each other. I'm happy to have inherited that sense of humor and hope one day to have a marriage that looks like theirs by the time I retire. As you can probably tell, I am very proud of my Dad's service to this country and of the kind of Dad he is and the values he instilled in me -- patriotism, humor, and perserverance.

Thanks, Dad, for all you are.
Happy 64th Birthday!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Latin Quip of the Day

For the readers of the NY Times and Louisville Courier-Journal:

Stultio stulto fuisti, qui tabellis crederes.

Happy New Year!

General Richard Hawley, retired USAF 4-star General, has denied that he wrote the following piece. Whoever did write it though, did a masterful job of stating my resolution for the New Year every year since 9-11. I thought it might be entertaining to post to my blog so that others, who have yet to read it, can add it to their resolutions each year too.

Since the attack of 9-11, I have seen, heard, and read thoughts of such surpassing stupidity that they must be addressed. You've heard them too. Here they are:

(1) "We're not good; they're not evil; everything is relative."

Listen carefully: We're good, they're evil, nothing is relative. Say it with me now and free yourselves. You see, folks, saying "We're good" doesn't mean, "We're perfect." Okay? The only perfect being is the bearded guy on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The plain fact is that our country has, with all our mistakes and blunders, always been and always will be the greatest beacon of freedom, charity, opportunity, and affection in history. If you need proof, open all the borders on Earth and see what happens.

(2) "Violence only leads to more violence."

This one is so stupid you usually have to be the president of an Ivy League university to say it. Here's the truth, which you know in your heads and hearts already: Ineffective, unfocused violence leads to more violence. Limp, panicky, half measures lead to more violence. However, complete, fully thought through, professional, well executed violence never leads to more
violence because, you see, afterwards, the other guys are all dead. That's right, dead. Not "on trial," not "re-educated," not "nurtured back into the bosom of love." Dead!

(3) "The CIA and the rest of our intelligence community have failed us."

For 25 years we have chained our spies like dogs to a stake in the ground, and now that the house has been robbed, we yell at them for not protecting us. Starting in the late seventies, under Carter appointee Stansfield Turner, the giant brains who get these giant ideas decided that the best way to gather international intelligence was to use spy satellites. "After all," they reasoned, "you can see a license plate from 200 miles away." This is very helpful if you've been attacked by a license plate. Unfortunately, we were attacked by humans. Finding humans is not possible with satellites. You have to use other humans. When we bought all our satellites, we fired all our humans, and here's the really stupid part. It takes years, decades to
infiltrate new humans into the worst places of the world. You can't just have a guy who looks like Gary Busey in a Spring Break wearing a '93 sweat-shirt plop himself down in a coffee shop in Kabul and say "Hi ya, boys. Gee, I sure would like to meet that bin Laden fella." Well, you can,
but all you'd be doing is giving the bad guys a story they'll be telling for years.

(4) "These people are poor and helpless, and that's why they're angry at us."

Uh-huh, and Jeffrey Dahmer's frozen head collection was just a desperate cry for help. The terrorists and their backers are richer than Elton John and, ironically, a good deal less annoying. The poor helpless people, you see, are the villagers they tortured and murdered to stay in power. Mohammed Atta, one of the evil scumbags who steered those planes into the killing
grounds is the son of a Cairo surgeon. But you knew this, too. In the sixties and seventies, all the pinheads marching against the war were upper middle class college kids who grabbed any cause they could think of to get out of their final papers and spend more time drinking. It's the same

(5) "Any profiling is racial profiling."

Who's killing us here, the Norwegians? Just days after the attack, the New York Times had an article saying dozens of extended members of the gazillionaire bin Laden family living in America were afraid of reprisals and left in a huff, never to return to studying at Harvard and using too
much Drakkar. I'm crushed. Please come back. Let's all stop singing "We Are the World" for a minute and think practically. I don't want to be sitting on the floor in the back of a plane four seconds away from hitting Mt. Rushmore and turn, grinning to the guy next to me to say, "Well, at least we didn't offend them."

*SO HERE'S what I resolve for the New Year:

Never to forget our murdered brothers and sisters. Never to let the relativists get away with their immoral thinking. After all, no matter what your daughter's political science professor says, we didn't start this.

Have you seen that bumper sticker that says, "No More Hiroshimas?" I wish I had one that says, "No More Pearl Harbors or 9-11s."