Monday, August 29, 2005

America is More Loved than You Think!

There's an interesting article out by Anne Applebaum in this month's Foreign Policy magazine. You have to register (for free) to read it but it's worth the effort!

"...In the Philippines, for example, the BBC poll shows that 88 percent of the population has a “mainly positive” view of the United States, an unusually high number anywhere. In India, that number is 54 percent, and in South Africa, it’s 56 percent, particularly high numbers for the developing world. In the case of the first two countries, geopolitics could be part of the explanation: India and the Philippines are both fighting Islamist terrorist insurgencies, and they see the United States as an ally in their struggles. (Perhaps for this reason, both of these countries are also among the few who perceived the reelection of U.S. President George W. Bush as “mainly positive” for the world as well.) But it is also true that all three of these countries have experienced, in the last 20 years, political or economic change that has made them richer, freer, or both. And in all three cases, it’s clear that people would have reasons to associate new prosperity and new freedom with the actions of the United States. "

While Ms. Applebaum's article is full of data as well as supposition, I do take issue with some of her commentary. If you read her article be sure to read all the way to the end as her summation is dead on!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Help Protest the Pro-Sheehan Forces

Louisville PW/FReep Action Alert:
Calling all ProtestWarriors,
FReepers, and Supporters of Our Troops
Sunday, August 28th at 6:30pm
at the corner of Bardstown Rd and Eastern Pkwy
Be there or be square!

Louisville's own pro-Sheehan Leftist lunkheads will be out on that corner starting at 7pm Sunday to support Cindy Sheehan's circus and hold what they like to refer to as a "peace vigil." Don't let them fool you: it's actually a pacifist, punch America in the gut, Bush-hating meet-up.

Join us to show your support for our troops at 6:30pm Sunday at the above-named intersection here in Louisville. You'll have no trouble spotting us as there should be flags waving and the typical PW signs on our side of the street.

You don't speak for any of us, Cindy!

I'm a bit late writing about this as I haven't kept up on the news like I usually do. However, thanks to the Free Republic, I'm up to date now and as proud as I could possibly be of the efforts of those in this great United States who support our President and our Troops.

Deborah Johns is a name you don't hear nearly as often as the name Cindy Sheehan. A shame too because Deborah is a great spokeswoman for the pro-America crowd. Deborah is the mother of a Marine, William, who's been stationed in Iraq for the past 15 months. She got upset watching the circus created by Cindy and her Leftist puppetmasters. So, she organized the "You Don't Speak for Me!" tour. She and supporters from everywhere (most notably FReepers and ProtestWarriors) are caravaning to Crawford, Texas to facedown the Leftie America-haters.

I want to be sure that everyone sees the video of Deborah's comments to the FReepers as well as the video from the story done about her on a TV station in Northern California.

Deborah Johns is a wonderful spokeswoman for all of us. Her son must be very proud of her. I am very proud of her. Thanks for speaking for us, Deborah!

Friday, August 26, 2005

PW Action Alert -- Calling All Patriots!

ProtestWarrior Central Kentucky Chapter

ACTION ALERT: The local socialist flag-burning freedom-hating far Left extreme anti-semitic anti-American anti-democracy anti-soldier pro-terrorist waffleheads at are gathering to worship their newest liberal god, Cindy Sheehan, this Sunday (8/28) at the intersection of Bardstown Rd and Eastern Parkway from 7PM to 8PM.

Our plans will be to arrive at 6:30 to disturb their gathering, provoke them into exposing their true extremist agenda, and steal media from them.



In The News:
Courier - President Visits March 10, PW members show up.
Student United For Peace & Justice call us "pro-war"
Leo Weekly - Counter Counter Inaugural Coverage
Courier-Journal *- November 8th Protest
Our Response to Courier-Journals October 4th Article
Courier-Journal *- Biased Coverage of October 4th Protest

*Courier-Journal moved the articles to their archives, where it must be purchased to be viewed. I am in the process of getting the text up on a private server.

You Might Be An LPAC Member If ...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Beans Needs a Ride Home

As I was listening to Rush today --the man, not the band... although I really like the band a lot too-- he brought tears to my eyes. His mention of this story is the first I'd heard of it and it needs to be shared with others. Here are a few relevant links that tell the story: a Free Republic post (way to go, Freepers!), a blog called "Collecting My Thoughts," and a news report from News Channel 5 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Kathy Wright's son, Jeffrey Boskovitch, was killed by sniper fire on August 1, but before that he had taken in a scruffy stray dog named "Beans." Beans got his name because the dog was purchased by Jeffrey from some locals for a few jellybeans and a quarter. This picture was sent to his mom, Kathy, and she cherishes it today.

It was her son's wish that Beans be adopted by his Mom if anything were to happen to him. Kathy has raised the necessary funds to pay for someone to fly Beans home to Ohio from Iraq. The US Military will not transport the dog so she needs to find a civilian who is willing to do so.

Hello? I would think that Americans would be standing in line to help this mother out! Where are you private pilots willing to bring Beans home? That dog is a connection for this mother to the last part of her son's life. She has a promise to keep. If anyone knows a pilot or a company willing to transport this little guy from Iraq to Kathy's home in Ohio, it's time to volunteer!

Are *they* Meeting their Recruitment Goals?

While Liberals in our country "worry" about whether the US Armed Forces are meeting their recruitment goals, the Islamic extremists/terrorists in our country have found fertile ground to meet their recruitment goals... the US prison system. Daveed at the Counterterrorism Blog has written an enlightening piece on this.

Not to throw fuel on the fire, if that's even possible anymore, but this really makes me angry. Taxpayer dollars are feeding, clothing, and housing these extremists while they recruit help from other prisoners and plot to harm more innocent civilians! Gee, how's that for turning the other cheek?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cindy Sealed the Deal

For those of you who missed the mention on Rush Limbaugh's show the other day, this is not to be missed! Scott Randolph, a Liberal blogger, has actually had enough. In his own words, "...The good little democrat in me tied the little noose around his neck and jumped off the stool."

Read it. It's an awesome piece of open-minded, had-enough-nonsense, blogging from the Left.

Scott, from the Right, I'd like to say, "Welcome." We've had enough of Cindy too.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Word to your Mother

Carl Morgan and some ProtestWarriors showed up at Crawford, TX to counter-protest Sheehan's gang. Here is his report, which was printed as an editorial in the Dallas Morning News:

Politics of protest - War protesters say they want debate and dissent, but only if it's their debate and dissent

07:34 PM CDT on Tuesday, August 16, 2005
CRAWFORD - I guess we made a wrong turn.
This became obvious when a Secret Service agent approached the car and asked what we wanted. We were too close to President Bush's ranch.

According to radio station KLIF-AM (570), we were to park at Bubba's house (no joke) and meet with other Bush supporters to counter Cindy Sheehan's cooperation with increasingly distasteful anti-war groups. I was with six Protest Warriors, a conservative group that "protests the protesters."

When we explained this to the Secret Service agent, she became amicable - smiled even - and was extremely helpful. This was emblematic of every law-enforcement officer we encountered.
We passed through a carnival of anti-war tents and tables, protesters strutting fearlessly in front of us, before we could find parking and I could start doing what I'd set out to do: talk to people.

I asked a supporter of Cindy Sheehan whether I could talk to him. He refused - unless I could show him a press pass.

Unfortunately, student journalists don't get press passes, and he wouldn't accept my college ID.
In fact, no Sheehan supporter would give his or her name, let alone talk. I had arrived with the Protest Warriors, but I carried no sign and wasn't acting obnoxiously conservative, unless an unmarked shirt and jeans scream conservatism. I had wanted to hear both sides. Instead, I was faced with considerable hostility.

Finally, a girl started talking to me - and she made a lot of sense. "Everybody has a right to be here," she said.

But before she could go any further, a man whispered to her: "They're Freepers. You don't need to be talking to them." A "Freeper" is a member of the online conservative news site

Then I met Gary Qualls, whose son was killed in the battle for Fallujah. He wore his son's boot tags and handed out information regarding his death. He received little media attention and was visibly upset when relating his son's story.

He also had to bear witness to his son's name on a cross set out by war protesters along the road.

Ms. Sheehan and her supporters are asking the media and the country to probe Mr. Bush with challenging and adversarial questions. But how can they expect Mr. Bush to answer, when they will not?



We're going to see if we can get them to answer. Next Saturday, Aug. 27th we'll be joining forces with for a high noon showdown in Crawford to find out just what exactly these people find so unjust about establishing freedom and democracy in the Middle East so we don't have to be fighting wars for the next hundred years. If you'd like to get in on the action at Crawford, you can join a caravan that is organizing, leaving San Francisco at 9:30am Monday August 22nd and set to arrive in Crawford, TX next Saturday for a rally between 1:00 and 3:00.

Details of the caravan route can be found on the MoveAmericaForward website. Cheer them on or join the caravan. The permitted space is at the Civic Center and both sides of the football stadium. This is located on East 4th Street, across the tracks from the main street in Crawford.

Sign up at the PW website if you'd like to join the operation.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

!Viva el FairTax Revolucion!

Thanks to the current release and online promotion of the The FairTax Book -- Saying goodbye to the income tax and the IRS by Neal Boorz and John Linder, I have begun to smell the spark of revolution stirring again in this country. If you haven't read about the FairTax yet, please do. Many people are confusing it with the Flat Tax. It is nothing like the Flat Tax -- it is far, far better and more revolutionary.

This is one piece of legislation that could actually revolutionize our bloated government and the financial life of every American (rich, poor, thrifty, or undecided). Can I get an Amen?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Fancy Farm: the Capitol of the Low Blow!

I know I am remiss in posting a bit about my visit to Fancy Farm on August 6th, so I hope you'll accept my apology for making y'all wait. ;-)

On the morning of Fancy Farm, a couple of my fellow Protest Warriors and I showed up ready to roll -- no signs, no CDs of patriotic music, no flags... just our own curiosity and some cool t-shirts! More about that later.

Even though the company was good and the spirits high, after a four-hour van ride with Republicans of many stripes I was relieved to get out of the van at Fancy Farm (just outside of Maysville, Kentucky). Even the sweltering heat was a relief from the monotonous and bumpy ride down there from Louisville. I suppose we Warriors thought we were pretty tough but when Pemby showed up with a stuffed gorilla named "Erlene," we knew our tough act was blown! At any rate, we survived the ride with lots of pleasant company. I suppose I was the least well-behaved but that's par for the course, actually.

We made the short trek from the van up to the picnic grounds to find a whole heckuva lotta people meandering around in the heat. Some with food and drink, others with only the sweat they wore like a moist badge of honor. Democrats were running amok handing out whistles to be used during the stump speeches. It surprised none of us Protest Warriors because any loud noises to drown out the sounds of reason are welcomed by Liberals everywhere. We often had to listen to one old hippy shake her cardboard tube of pennies when she wanted to drown out our patriotic music. So... no surprise there, eh?

Instead of noisemakers, we Republicans chose to operate with a bit more decorum. We simply registered our opinions with the t-shirts on our backs and indictments that we handed out to every Republican present at the picnic. The t-shirs certainly hit below the belt a bit but they weren't anything stronger than the signs we hold at our PW counter-protests. And, the indictments were just hilarious!

The t-shirts were jabs at the hubbub over AG Stumbo's love child that he's refused to acknowledge, support, or even confirm or deny his paternity. His face in an Old West style "WANTED" image. Under WANTED, it read "Deadbeat or Alive." On the back, was a baby with Stumbo's face and the caption was "Have you seen my daddy?" It was funny and it was definitely below the belt. Ah well, that's what keeps politics interesting.

When Stumbo spoke, the young Republicans and the College Republicans chanted "dead-beat dad-dy dead-beat dad-dy!" and "Hyp-ah-crit! Hyp-a-crit!" Now, it certainly could have been the overwhelming heat or it could have been that he was tired, but I swear it looked like Stumbo was going to either throw up or have a stroke while he was giving his speech. He was certainly very uncomfortable with all the ruckus over the child support of his denied child. If you were he, would you just take the DNA test and get the issue over with?

Anyway, for those of you out of state, you may have to check out some background stories on the current raging dispute in Frankfort (our capitol) and here are a few other links that tell even more about Fancy Farm this year. It was a riot. I'm planning to do it again one of these days. Probably on an election year -- there might even be some actually pie throwing and mud slinging then! ;)

WAVE-3: Good run-down of the gimmicks and goings-on at the picnic.
WLEX TV: A little background on the hiring probe and about the picnic.
WHAS-11: Again, a little background and a little coverage.

To Kill an American

The founder of Spirit of America, Jim Hake, sent an email the other day that brought a message called "To Kill an American" to my attention. It's been circulating around the internet but I hadn't seen it before now. It is certainly worth your consideration -- celebrate the beauty of being an American! Thanks, Jim!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Not to be Missed -- Fancy Farm Picnic

If you're interested in some good old-fashioned political mud-slinging, the Fancy Farm picnic is this Saturday (8/6/05) in Graves County, Kentucky. It's a four-hour drive from Louisville but, from what I hear, it's well worth it. This event is held once a year and all of our statewide politicians are there to give stump speeches and be seen. The crowd heckles, cheers, boos, and generally interacts with the politicians as they give their speeches. It is highly likely that our illustrious Governor will be heckled over the current waste of time and money (also known as the "hiring probe") initiated by Stumbo in Frankfort.

The event is actually a Catholic picnic held in Fancy Farm, Kentucky every year. For the past 120 years, it has served as the rallying point for all politicians throughout the state (both Democrat and Republican). For political junkies in Kentucky, it's a pilgrimage/tradition. I hear that the BBQ at this picnic is not to be missed either.

If you're interested in copping a free ride to Fancy Farm on Saturday, please email me. I'll send you details.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Finally Made It!

For those of you keeping score at home, my honesty in Diversity class online did NOT earn me a bad grade after all! I made it through with an A. Wooohhoooo! Thanks to an open-minded Ph.D. who does indeed have a tolerance for differing opinions, I've kept my 4.0 intact. I'm sooo glad that's behind me now.

Onward and upward to International Business... the first week of this one was already a tough one. I can tell you now that it's a good thing the instructor from this class wasn't teaching the Diversity class. I do believe she's a Lib. We'll see!

Monday, August 01, 2005


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