Monday, September 28, 2009

T-Shirts for Patriots

When ConservaDude and I were at the Louisville Tea Party on 9/5/09, we met a couple from St. Louis, Missouri who were selling some cool t-shirts. My hubby is now the proud owner of a "Band of Patriots" shirt and I'll be calling soon to order my "Cap'n Trade" tee!

I thought I should share these with you in case you're in the market for a clever t-shirt.

[In case it's not clear enough to read on your monitor, the text below the picture reads, "Piracy...It's not just on the high seas anymore"]

[I think this one speaks quite clearly for itself!]

The t-shirts are $15.00 each. If you like what you see, you can email inquiries to them or call Eileen at 636-812-2161 to order.

In case you need another good reason to buy from them, they are awaiting their non-profit status as the "Freed Ladies." When that is official, proceeds from these sales will then be sent to the USO.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Louisville Tea Party -- Sept. 5, 2009

The September 5th Tea Party in Louisville is now history. It may one day be noted in history books -- at least as long as Conservatives continue to write books, it just might be -- so I think it's important to post a few words and a lot of pictures from the Tea Party in Louisville on September 9, 2009.

The Tea Party Express made a stop in Louisville on its way from Sacramento, CA to Washington, DC to rally the patriots here. While the rally speakers and the Tea Party Express show were all fun and motivational, the TRUE show was to be found wandering the crowd. The local fishwrap did a write-up of the event and estimated the crowd at 3,000 people. Those thousands came prepared to express themselves and we caught most of it in pictures.

Note the variety of signs you see in the pictures that follow. I've often said that trying to organize Conservatives for a protest is like herding cats. We are all very independent. Every one of us has a different issue as it pertains to the current state of affairs... granted, none of us is happy with any of it but we are all focused on our own "pet" issues. And so it goes with the signs in this crowd. This is one of the reason the term "astroturf" was such a joke. Imagine! If only Conservatives could be herded in such a way -- we'd be unstoppable!

Harsh? You bet. The truth tends to be harsh.

Okay... so this was MY sign. SOMEBODY had to photograph it for posterity! Plus, the fact that this is a quote from George Orwell -- not the "welcome to the revolution" part, that's all me -- is quite prescient.

This car traveled with the Tea Party Express buses.

This sole counter-protester was quite passionate about his views and was doing his best to convert the "heathens" in the crowd. Unfortunately for him, we're a tough crowd. The Constitution says nothing about providing healthcare for the masses regardless of what Jesus wants...

The lone Lib in our midst just doesn't get it. "Death Panels" or not, it's unconstitutional. This is another of his signs.

Apparently Jesus (and the Lib) want us to have a lot of "rights" taken care of by the Federal government.

Hmmm... that's exactly what we were doing out there on Saturday afternoon. The irony is that this sign, yet again, belongs to the lone Lib in the crowd.

Ack! Spare me. Obamanomics! I admire his passion but the counter-protester was matched a thousand-fold by the passion from the crowd on the other side of this particular issue.

A great illustration of the many different Conservative issues on parade.

This nurse is also VERY tall!

So many issues, so little cardboard!

Contrary to popular belief, we "the people" are pretty danged smart, y'all!

I pity the incumbents next year -- regardless of party affiliation. We're flippin' everyone.

This one is my personal favorite. It's disgusting to Conservatives; it's apparently a non-issue to Liberals.

Believe it or not, these guys are not related.
These Hoosiers trekked over the bridge to stand in protest with their Kentucky cousins.

These folks are from St. Louis, MO and were selling some of the best t-shirts at the Tea Party. I will be posting pics of their t-shirts and a phone number to call if you'd like to place an order with them. I know you all will want some of these. Brilliant!

OH YEAH! Gonna have to order this one! Look for more pictures of their t-shirts.
I will post them along with the phone number tomorrow.

And just when you thought Tea Parties were for grumpy old folks!
Conservachicks rule! Way to represent, girls.

Conservadudes rock!... especially the young'uns!

Every protest/rally has to have its rolling billboards/oddities, right?

Speaking of rolling billboards, this one was from the Florida Tea Party patriots. It has been signed by Tea Party goers from coast to coast. Yours truly and hubby had to add their signatures to this one.

My favorite quote: "I'm not an African-American. I am an AMERICAN!"
Lloyd Marcus understands what Martin Luther King, Jr. was all about!

Oh yeah. You are never too young to understand what America is all about!

Mark Williams looks a lot thinner in person. I'd seen interviews with him on Fox News and he looked quite heavy on TV. I was very surprised at how thin he actually is! If it's true that a camera adds 10 lbs., Fox News must have been using 6 cameras on this guy! (Yeah, I know. Shallow of me.)

Creepy... but so is the idea that the Federal government would control the well-being of every citizen...

ConservaDude's sign. It was a big hit in DC too!

Bless her heart. She just couldn't bring herself to write "Ass," I suppose. Still a great sign though.

Never more relevant.

Our neighbor, Tom. We brought him an dhis wife, Karen, with us to this Tea Party. They were quite surprised at how civil it all was. I think many people were out to protest for the first time that day.
It feels soooo good!

The famous Tea Party Express bus parked on a Louisville street.
Thanks for bringing out the masses!

The flag of the day. Heck, the flag of the Tea Party movement, actually!
Kenneth Gladney's folks wer ein the crowd selling these flags.
(If you remember, Gladney is the guy who was pummeled by the SEIU thug in St. Louis.)