Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Who's in Charge Here?!

This week's news so far has been chock full of shining examples of the failures inherent in ignoring reality...

The French may have decided that it's time to try the free market example of employment. However, starting that reform with the youngest employees might have been a mistake, no? If you coddle your citizens by allowing them to hold jobs regardless of their performance and the need for their services has always been, at best, an experiment in Socialism. Even though de Villepin is much less than respected by many Americans, he had the brass balls to attempt to correct the socialistic employment practices that have been a huge drag on the French economy for far too long. Good for him! I hope he sticks with it despite the riots and strikes in France. It's time for a wake up call for all Socialists -- your country cannot support you forever; you must be giving something back to the economy to remain employed. Get off the streets and back to the jobs you say you want to keep!

Americans themselves are watching a shining example of what happens when we ignore reality and pretend it's okay for people to break the law as long as they're willing to work hard. The demonstrations and walk-outs in protest of stronger consequences for breaking immigration laws in this country are laughable at best. Think about it... while law enforcement officials watched, the streets of Los Angeles were full of illegal aliens who COULD have been deported that very day if our immigration laws had any teeth. Police could have rounded up those crowds, checked identification, and put all of the illegals they found on chartered buses out of LA and back to Mexico. The very people we need to send home cost L.A. plenty of tax money in the form of police officers and other public officials who had to stand by and protect citizens. The very people who are breaking our immigration laws were out protesting the fact that Americans want to strengthen the consequences for doing so. How ironic!

Is it really okay for non-citizens to find protection under OUR First Amendment laws? to flaunt their illegal status on our streets? No, it is not. It reminds me of the lawsuits that are reported occasionally where a thief injures himself while stealing from a home owner and then sues the home owner for compensation. This is really no different. Has this country lost its collective marbles? Do we not see the nonsense that has been going on for far too many years in our country?

Illegal aliens cannot be "law abiding" as stated by a few mush-brains in Congress. The very fact that they are ILLEGALLY in our country means they are breaking the law, Senator Feinstein. You dope. We Americans like to think we have answers and can help others; we can. However, we need people smarter than Feinstein to figure out how to close our borders and help others within the framework of our Constitution and our laws, not by pretending that law breakers are innocent victims!

The term "Illegal Alien" was not used in a single news report as far as I could tell. Proponents kept referring to the issue as "Immigration Reform" and to the protestors as "Immigrants." Maybe SOME of them were legal immigrants, granted; however, many more were simply Mexicans who know that Americans haven't done a darned thing to keep them out. We deserve what we're getting right now. I just hope that the politicians who represent us in D.C. will maintain their backbones and some principle in putting some teeth into our immigration laws.

This American believes it is a very bad idea to make illegal immigration and the assistance to illegals a felony. Our court systems are tied up beyond belief in most major cities as it is. The only effective answer is to put more INS officers on the streets, give them the power to determine citizenship status based on papers and identification, and then allow them to IMMEDIATELY deport any illegals they find. File a report later. Get a forwarding address; if the officer was mistaken we can always invite them back with a humble apology. ;-)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

French Military Victories

You absolutely MUST see this:

Use the Google search engine to search for "French military victories" and click the "I'm feeling lucky" button to search.

This will make your Saturday! ;-)

Louisville Leftist Lunkheads Lose Another One...

Saturday, March 18th, the local chapter of Protest Warrior and various other friends and allies took on our arch enemies here in Louisville again for the first time in many, many months. The old hippies of the Local contingent of Leftist Lunkheads, LLL (aka LPAC), were up to their usual nonsense. Opportunists that they are, they had jumped on board the "Third Anniversary of the War in Iraq" protest wagon by scheduling a demonstration in the east end of Louisville (the more Conservative end of town, by the way). They used the number of our fallen heroes who have given their all for our freedom and security as the cornerstone of their protest. In a bizarre choice of symbols, they determined that the this number was best symbolized as t-shirts -- one for each fallen hero. So, they littered the sides of Hurstbourne Lane with clotheslines full of t-shirts. The busy intersection of Hurstbourne Lane and Taylorsville Road here in Louisville, Kentucky took on the look and feel of angry old hippies who had come out to hang up their laundry to dry. Surreal doesn't begin to describe the scene -- laundry day in a camp of indigent hoboes probably comes closest.

Leftist "Laundry Day?" (those t-shirts should have been donated to local shelters!)

All Conservatives are stupid according to the "smart" doctor with the 2300+ sign.
She must be a neurosurgeon, eh?

As usual, it only takes a few Conservatives to foul up the good Leftist mood of hatred on a protest day. Five of us showed up at the intersection around 10:30AM on Saturday. Thanks to fellow Conservative mastermind, Keith, we got to exercise our artistic talents just prior to the mission by spray painting a sheet with the words "God Bless the Free Iraq." Keith must have been a Boy Scout in his childhood because he certainly came prepared to make the statement -- staple gun, wooden posts, sheet, and paint. The steadfast Robert came equipped with tools and our standard set of flags -- Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force flags as well as Old Glory and a "We Support Our Troops" flag to make the statement complete. Kelly came prepared with her own sign "Freedom takes Courage" and her stalwart ability to stand quietly for hours just holding her sign, glaring at the old hippies, and waving back to motorists who honked in support of our message. A newer member of the group, JD, brought some homemade fliers to hand out to the Lunkheads and passers-by who didn't get what was going on (see below). I brought my usual attitude, the trusty battleworn boombox replete with patriotic tunes, and a notepad and pen for the names, email addresses and phone numbers that usually come our way from people who stop by to talk to us and want to get involved.

Not bad for a quickie in the parking lot, eh? hehehe

By the end of the day, our numbers had tripled!

At 11AM we took our places at the corner of the intersection, strategically positioned to disrupt the bizarre clotheslines that the old hippies were certainly determined to put up when they arrived an hour later. Just standing there with no opposition from LPAC was a great experience. Motorists passing by were well aware that we were there to support the troops and their mission on this third anniversary of the beginning of the battle to liberate Iraq and annihilate the terrorists harbored within. The number who honked, waved, and gave us big smiles and thumbs-up was certainly gratifying. Even the cold, brisk wind that blew all day on Saturday was no match for the warmth we felt from people who appreciated our efforts.

Paragraphs later, the real story begins... Sam, the leader of the Local Leftist Lunkheads, showed up around 11:30AM. Gee, you'd think that "peace" would be worth getting up earlier for, wouldn't you? He immediately marched over to us to inform us that he had a permit to be there and we would have to move. I had called the Special Events and Permits office of the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) to ask about the need for a permit. I was told very clearly and very certainly that no permit was required for our group of under 25 people as long as we didn't obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic. We were doing neither and I informed him of this. He was a little dissatisfied with that answer to say the least.

Now, what would you do as a group leader who leads old hippies into protest against the local "fascist" police force at every opportunity? Well naturally, you call the "fascists" to whine about the five people who refuse to move out of your way! I wonder how much bile police officers have to swallow every time a hypocrite like Sam calls to ask for protection after watching that same hypocrite lead protests against him? The Police Chief of Jeffersontown (which is the little village within Louisville where this particular intersection is found) showed up out of uniform to give us a stern talking to. The problem was that he was out of uniform and resembled one of the old members of the LLL who is constantly marching up to us to demand this or that. Keith mistook him for just that individual. When the Police Chief began his rant about our being there without a permit, Keith promptly said, "Unless you're the mayor of J-town, I'd suggest you get lost." Not necessarily what you might call a good start...

We eventually had a friendly chat with the Chief (who is a Marine combat veteran himself) and were allowed to stand where we had been along. The LLL idiots began trying to figure out how to set up their circus around us. Within 30 minutes, a J-town officer wandered over and told us we'd have to move. After reiterating our discussion with his Chief, we were promptly told that the Chief had now decided that we had to move. I'm sure it was the constant whining of the leader of the Lunkheads that finally got to him. We tried some more debate but got nowhere and one of our crew reminded us that we are not the group who hassles officers in the course of their duty. So, respectfully, we moved from our strategic spot to the lousy one designated by the Chief.

Not exactly in riot gear, are they? Notice they're facing the Lunkheads?
Think they were expecting trouble from the pacifists?!

Not exactly an ideal spot as we were often mistaken for part of the LLL contingent -- how did we know that passers-by mistook us for them? Easy. They shouted "F-you, Freaks!" and flipped us the bird. It's easy to tell when the good guys have been mistaken for Lunkheads. I can see how it happened. We usually try to stand across from them but this time we were stuck next to them. Bleck.

Booted to the corner to make way for the Leftist Lunkheads. What's up with that, Chief?!

Fortunately, some motorists actually read our signs and realized that we were the good guys. I think I counted a total of 14 people who saw our signs, pulled over, parked, and came to chat or stand with us. This happens a lot when we counter the Leftist Lunkheads. We are primarily visited by veterans who stop to thank us; we are always gratified and astonished by this. However, this particular Saturday was the largest volume of citizens that we've ever had stop by and want to participate -- some veterans but predominantly family members of military personnel.

One fellow was a veteran of the 82nd Airborne and felt very strongly about what we were doing -- he grabbed a flag and waved it for almost 2 hours; Another fellow was the son of a Vietnam veteran and was proud to stand with us because no one stood up for his father back in the dark ages of hippies -- he held signs, waved flags, and stuck around for almost the entire time we were there; a woman and her daughter stopped to thank us -- her daughter is currently in Iraq fighting the good fight; another woman whose daughter is a Marine also deployed to Iraq stopped with three teenage girls -- all four of them held signs and waved flags for about an hour or so. The teenage girls were enjoying themselves. It's nice for teens to see that "protest" is not just for the Left anymore! The funniest thing though had to be the drive-bys we got from two large trucks -- evidently, they had passed us before and realized what was going on. Both drivers (at different times during the day) had gone home, mounted their American flags and drove back to the intersection honking their horns and waving. One truck had the largest American flag I think I've ever seen flying from a vehicle -- it brought huge cheers from all around. I wish I had a picture of that. It was absolutely a perfect gesture.

Military Moms are the best! Thanks for standing with us, Ladies!

One of the most gratifying comments I heard was from a gentleman I'd coaxed into stopping by to take part in the counter-protest. He said, "This feels REALLY great!" And, you know what? It DOES! Our hearts swelled with pride to be able to wave Old Glory and the flags of each branch of our Armed Forces in support of our troops and our country. It feels great to get out and make sure that the voice of the average American who supports our troops and loves this great country is not lost in the din of the Leftist lunacy on the streets.

Proud new Protest Warrior! -- Welcome to the fight, Mark!

I wish I could remember the names of all of the good people who stopped to counter-protest with us. God bless them all! And, most especially, God bless our troops and their families during this long and difficult conflict. If you have a service member overseas right now engaged in the conflict, please let them know that they are not forgotten and they are respected, admired, and supported by all of the good Right-thinking people in Louisville!

More pictures taken randomly throughout the day:

Looking forward to our next showdown. Look out LLL, we're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

R.I.P. Lowell Smith

The world has lost a kind, caring, and loving soul this week in Lowell Smith. He passed away at the age of 60 from a sudden and deadly heart attack. The man with the biggest heart in Taylor, Michigan will be badly missed by his co-workers, his friends, his neighbors, and his family.

Lowell, your family gave you a beautiful send-off today. You would be proud of the impact you've made on all who've known and loved you. God bless you and keep you. May you rest in peace.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Woman after My Own Heart!

Another amazing Conservative woman named Carolyn brought this to my attention. This video and more like it certainly need to be seen here in the West as well as the Middle East. I need to learn more about her but, for the time being, you MUST take a look at this!