Monday, May 30, 2005

Straight from the Textbook (p.84)

No kidding, this is directly quoted from my textbook for Diversity class:

Does Not DiscriminateDoes Discriminate
UnprejudicedUnprejudiced nondiscriminator
(all-weather liberal)
Unprejudiced discriminator
(fair-weather liberal)
PrejudicedPrejudiced nondiscriminator
(timid bigot)
Prejudiced discriminator
(all-weather bigot)

I think they need to rename this class "Shame on you, Whitey Conservative!" -- what a freakin' waste of time for any intellectual individual. I have been reading the assigned chapters in full and each time I find nonsense like this. From here on out, I will referring to the index for pertinent terms and going directly to the page(s) I need to complete each assignment. My head will explode from my rising blood pressure if I continue to try to read this excrement in full.

As an "all-weather Conservative" who knows that everyone is capable of great things if they put in the time and effort to achieve them, I will be registering a complaint about the content of this class after I pull down another A. I'm a cynic but even I believe that the world of academe can provide better material than this.

Thar's pride in them thar hills!

Well, I sure hope y'all had a good Memorial Day weekend! I certainly did. Remembered those in my extended family who had served and died for our country as well as others who are now long gone. I wish I had read this before 3pm today. I think I was just getting back home around that time. The word sure needs to get out a bit better on this part of the observance! I wasn't aware that there was now a moment of silence to be held on Memorial Day.

I'm back from the pilgrimage to the mountains of "Virginnie" where I'm happy to report that not much has changed since last time I was there about three years ago. Of course, some of the older folks have passed on to their reward and everyone else is a few years older. Some of our family's historic landmarks are disappearing and others are being maintained beautifully. It's always nice to visit them all regardless of what shape they're in these days.

Geographically speaking, I think we blew my niece's mind trying to explain the Cumberland Gap and how we could jump from one state to another so quickly. She kept asking "Are we in Virginia now?" "Are we in Tennessee now? "Are we in Kentucky now?" Although, I think by the time we left she had it sussed.

Dad's birthplace is being slowly reclaimed by the land.

Hillbillies take a lot of ribbing about their country ways and their country language but I have to say that I'm quite proud to be descended from this particular group of hillbillies. My extended family in Rose Hill instinctively understands what many better educated folks still don't get -- honor your history and your ancestors; honor your country and the folks who fight for her; and making an appointment to get together is nonsense -- just stop on in! Heck, sometimes you don't even have to leave your car. If the person you're stopping in to visit is outside, he'll probably wander up to your car window ("winder" in hillspeak) and chat with you right on the spot for quite a spell.

My niece got her first dose of a real Baptist preacher at the grave decoration ceremony yesterday in the Campbell cemetary. We walked up to the cemetary from my great aunt's house just down the road. There were flags planted on the graves of soldiers who served in this country's wars and flowers on every grave. We got to visit with many of our living relatives as well as those in the cemetary before the ceremony. The preacher spoke from nothing more than what "the Lahrd had filled [his] heart with." His deacon was quick to add his own "amen"s and "tell it brother"s during each prayer. Even though he had a revival over in Tennessee to get to, he offered to stay after the ceremony to save any of us who hadn't yet been saved.

In the hills, our country is honored even in cemetaries.

Hey Libs, this is what Memorial Day is about.

Country preachers are generous people. However, I hear they can scarf up loads of fried chicken pretty fast when they stop in to visit at dinnertime... at least, according to my great aunt, they can. I hadn't heard a real Baptist preacher myself in many, many years. It was a treat. This particular preacher is now one of my favorites as one of his first remarks was about this great country and the sacrifices we make for others. I believe he said "God doesn't care what other countries think of us either." hehehe I had to chuckle. If it would have been socially acceptable, I would have jumped up and high-fived him on that!

Preaching in the cemetary from his heart and the scripture.

My granny is buried next to her sister who died a spinster. I had forgotten that her husband (Robert Loftice) was buried in Michigan with his family.

Even my great-great-grandparents are here.

Dad and I took my niece down to the creek by the Rosedale Baptist Churck to introduce my 4-year-old niece to the treat of wading in a mountain creek -- and, yes, there are a lot of Baptist churches in Rose Hill, in case you were wondering. We looked for crawdads and frogs. Although we didn't find any of those, she managed to catch two minnows ("minners" in hillspeak) in a paper cup. She was overjoyed! We picked wildflowers and put them in a Mason jar for my great aunt. Most of the time though, we hung out on the porch with all our relatives just eating and talking.

We stopped in, as we usually do, to visit my great uncle Roy and his clan in Rose Hill. His wife, Gloria, is a hoot. Everything about their family that Gloria doesn't like came from "his side" and all the good stuff comes from "her side" of the family. When she talked about being a Democrat, I had to laugh. Evidently, in the hills everyone knows how you're registered. If you're a Democrat you don't dare cross land belonging to a Republican and vice versa. Politically speaking, the good politics comes from "his side," Gloria! ;-)

All of this was fun but when my niece wanted to go watch some of the guys burn the trash, I had to chuckle. It's got to be an instinct. We used to love to watch them burn the trash when my brother and I were out there for a visit. Isn't it a shame that we don't get to burn our own trash anymore? I had to explain to my niece that there weren't any big garbage trucks to come around and haul the garbage away. I think she came to understand that "recycling" is done just a little bit differently in the country.

It was a long trip but I'm glad my niece came along. I think more kids ought to get away from their play dates, sports lessons, dance classes, and suburbia to just hang out in the country. Contrary to popular belief, it's good for them. My niece seemed to resist the idea of "doing nothing" but certainly warmed to it pretty quickly when creek-wading, flower picking, and trash burning became "something!"

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Robert Loftice

As my last entry going into a computer-free Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to remember my Great-Grandfather, Robert Loftice, and the widow he left behind.

Robert Loftice died while serving our country in World War I. It wasn't discussed much by the time I was born so I'm not sure exactly where he served or what role he played in the war. I hope to find out this weekend from some of my older relatives on that side of the family. All I remember of my Great-Grandfather is an old picture of him in his uniform -- Army, I believe -- that used to hang on the wall in my Great-Grandmother's bedroom.

My Great-Grandmother ("Granny"), Ora Loftice, was a war widow who never remarried. The children they had together before his death were raised by Granny and her closest relatives. I don't know if she never remarried out of respect for his memory or simply because she worked too hard to find the time to consider it. For whatever reason, she never did. She will be remembered this weekend too as the widow of a fallen hero who was a hero to her family.

Most Conservatives with any respect for our country and its heroes know that Memorial Day was originally "Decoration Day." It was designated as a day to visit and decorate the graves of our country's fallen war heroes. May 30th was designated because it was thought to be a time of year when flowers would be in abundance across the United States, making it easier to find suitable flowers to place on the graves. This year, if I can find him in the old cemetary, I will honor the memory of Robert Loftice and his widow both. I'm honored to be descended from such good people.

For a touching tribute to our fallen warriors, you must see the GOP's video tribute. It will raise goosebumps on anyone with the heart of a patriot.

I pray that all of our brave men and women in combat will make it home safely and soon so that no one will visit their graves before they've lived a good, full life with their families. May God keep his hand upon them in the course of their duties to our country and keep his watchful eye on their safety. God bless America and the men and women who make her great.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Personal Updates

Update #1

For those of you who didn't know, I have been unemployed for a little over a week. I was contacted pretty quickly by a technical recruiter and started a new job just today. The job, however, is up in Greenwood, Indiana. That's about a 2-hour drive (one-way) from home! It's a short term contract of three months but it's going to pay my bills, so I'll not complain. I may board a few nights a week with my uncle who lives in Greenwood. The best news is that it came about very quickly; I can hope for something better and closer to home at the end of the contract.

I mention this for two reasons:

(1) It may impact my blogging time or my sleep time, not sure which yet. I'd bet that it will be a little of both on various occasions. I love blogging so I'll try not to let it slip.

(2) This is one of the first times that I've ever "let go and let God" on the career front. It's hard for me because I've always felt in charge of my own destiny. Well, let me tell you that letting go and letting God really does work! Last time I was unemployed -- it's happened four times in four and a half years, believe it or not -- I worried myself sick and it took three months each time to find new employment. This time, I did let go and gave it to someone with a lot more influence in this world than I and BINGO!

At any rate, there are entries to come but I wanted to give everyone a head's up that there are bound to be minor lapses on my writing both here and in my contributions to the Cardinal Coalition blog. I'll try to make them rare though.

Thanks to all my friends who shared my resume with their friends and employers. I do so appreciate the support I've received from everyone. I will still be needing a full-time job after this three-month contract so don't scrap my resume yet, okay? ;-)

Update #2

I am headed to the land of my fairly recent forefathers this Memorial Day weekend. My father's family is originally from the hills of Virginia (Rose Hill, to be exact). Every year there is a family reunion and I try to go with my folks to see everyone. There's the yearly smorgasboard of fried chicken, homemade cobblers, and such laid out on picnic tables under tents on my Aunt Glad's old farm (may she rest in peace). There's the yearly Campbell family cemetary business meeting (lots of maintenance and funding to be discussed). And, of course, there's the yearly opportunity to reconnect with childhood visits there spent wading in streams and catching tadpoles or annoying the crawdads, climbing hills and sliding down the hills on pieces of cardboard, talking about old times with older relatives, and walking through the old family cemetary at twilight just to get goosebumps.

This year, we're taking my 4-year-old niece along. This will probably be the first time she's ever truly been in "hill country" -- chances are good that some translation will be necessary! I am looking forward to sharing simple pleasures with my niece. I don't think she's ever waded in a stream and turned over rocks to see what's under them. I'll bet she's never learned to make that weird noise by blowing through two blades of grass either. Chances are even slimmer that she's ever caught a June Bug and tied a thread to its leg to make a helicopter. She's truly a modern kid who is kept very busy being shuttled from daycare to dance lessons to play dates. She has real toys; no grass noisemakers or bug-helicopters yet... I wonder what she will make of all of this?

I will have no computer access over the long weekend so I won't be writing. You can bet there will be pictures and an essay coming up after I get back from this trip though!

Stay safe; honor our fallen heroes;
and have a great
Memorial Day weekend everybody!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Eeeek -- Diversity Class!

Oh boy. I knew that going back to college was going to be a shock to my system. Without any pretense of being anything other than a class on the oppressed and the oppressors, I am taking a class called "Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class."

Allow me to present you with the definition of a "minority group" (quoting almost entirely from the textbook):

"A minority group can be quite large and can even be a numerical majority of the population... Minority status has more to do with distribution of resources and power than with simple numbers..."

A minority group has five characteristics:

1. The members of the group experience a pattern of disadvantage or inequality.
2. The members of the group share a visible trait or characteristic that differentiates them from other groups.
3. The minority group is a self-conscious social unit.
4. Membership in the group is usually determined at birth.
5. Members tend to marry within the group.

It is important to define and characterize minority groups so that society can help equalize the group's access to jobs, education, wealth, health care, and housing with that of the dominant group.

I've got to tell you that this class is already pushing all my buttons; I'll be lucky to curb my right thinking ways in order to get a good grade. I'm maintaining a 4.0 GPA at this point after four classes. Don't want to blow it but SHEEESH!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Liberals = Hypocrites

I am one who believes that the use of race as a flag to indicate "otherness" brings us no closer to true equality and unity. It is only by making race a non-issue that we will finally be able to see people for who they are. Only by recognizing people based on their history, their competency, their belief systems, and what makes them individuals do we truly put race to bed as a divisive issue.

In the case of Liberals who continually sabotaging and defame nominees and cabinet members based on their race, the time has come to call a spade a spade. Yes, I intended that phrase. It's ridiculous for people of color to sit by and watch the alleged "party of color" sabotage people of color who have succeeded and deserve recognition and advancement.

The Congress of Racial Equality is the only organization devoted to advancing the cause of equality that has finally spoken out and called the Liberals what they are: Hypocrites.

Special Election Alert!

For those of you who live in Oldham County, don't forget to vote in the Special Election tomorrow, Tuesday 5/24. This election is being held to fill the seat (59th District House) left vacant when Tim Feeley left the Kentucky State Legislature to take a judgeship on the circuit court.

The Conservative candidate is David Osborne -- 5th generation Oldham Countian, proven leader in business and community, small business owner and farmer, and old friend/classmate of the ConservaChick! David is truly a Conservative's Conservative. He deserves your vote on Tuesday.

Please encourage everyone you know who is in Oldham County or anywhere in the 59th Legislative District to get out and vote on Tuesday!

US Schools Needed

The Spirit of America is looking for more US schools to participate in the America-Iraqi School Partners program. If you're in a position to do so, you may want to get your school/class involved with this great program!

The America-Iraq School Partners Program pilot launched in April, 2005. It is designed to establish friendships and enable exchange between American and Iraqi schoolchildren. The pilot phase features 13 American schools and 17 schools in Iraq. More than 1500 schoolchildren are participating.

We are looking for more schools (elementary, middle and high schools) in the U.S. to join for the 2005-2006 school year. There is no cost to participating schools although schools may exchange gifts. If you have a school interested in participating in the program, click here: for more information or send inquiries to

Pulse of Freedom

It's nice to know that money donated to The Spirit of America is also being used to spread freedom throughout the Middle East. Lebanon's struggle for independence is now on the radar and The Spirit of America is there. They are doing great things in Afghanistan and Iraq as well. Read the latest message to donors for a full description of activities with pictures.

On April 6 we kicked off a project to support Lebanon's struggle for independence. We had been asked by some Lebanese and Lebanese Americans if we could provide assistance to the tent city demonstrators who were keeping national and world attention on ending Syria's occupation and achieving free elections in Lebanon. The original project description is here:

This was our first project outside Iraq and Afghanistan and some of our supporters asked why we would do something in Lebanon and what happened to supporting requests from Marines in Iraq. Our view on "Why Lebanon?" is here: We also asked Marines we have assisted in Iraq for their perspectives. Their responses here:

Thanks to your support more than $60,000 was quickly contributed to the Lebanon project. We helped the tent city demonstrators achieve their main goal: free elections. This involved pressuring for a "Call for Elections." Our support helped them increase the visibility of their demands - the countdown clock that was erected in Martyrs Square is one example.

The official call for elections by Parliament came with only one day left on the countdown clock. Elections are now scheduled to begin on Sunday, May 29. With that goal achieved tent city has been dismantled. There is still a long way to go for a genuinely free, stable and peaceful Lebanon but this was a great step forward.

We also provided Internet connectivity to tent city itself and provided the resources, technical assistance and training that allowed the tent city demonstrators to create a website to tell their story to the world. You can visit Pulse of Freedom at

Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Deficit of Decency

Zell Miller has a new book out: A Deficit of Decency. I hear from friends that it is a great read and quite inspirational. From

When Democrat Senator Zell Miller took to the stage at Madison Square Garden during the GOP convention last year, he stood on principle. A lifelong Democrat, Miller supported the President, bucked his party and did what was right for his family and America. His last book, A National Party No More, was a New York Times bestseller and illustrated the Democrat Party's out-of-the-mainstream worldview. His latest book, A Deficit of Decency, calls for the return to a sense of duty.

In speeches on the Senate floor, Senator Miller outlined a series of issues where he believes an absence of decency is threatening America. His book makes a compelling argument for the return of values in American culture, and he explains his decision to speak in New York.

He states, "There were two primary reasons I could not go where my lifelong political party wanted to take me. I seriously questioned its judgment on how to respond to the threat of terrorism, the most serious national security issue of the post Cold War era."

Listen to Senator Miller describe his immense pride in the men and women fighting for freedom overseas, why the President's judicial nominees deserve an up or down vote in the Senate and what he sees at the very heart of America.

No Privacy for Terrorists

We've got all the terrorist hide-outs covered. Our troops rule!

Secure Our Borders Immediately

"Mr. President, Please Secure Our Borders Immediately

It has been nearly four years since the 9/11 attacks inside our country by foreign nationals. Yet, tens of thousands of foreign nationals every few weeks continue to be allowed to enter this country illegally through our loosely guarded borders. All of these illegal entrants threaten American citizens in one way or another—either as unfair labor competition, tax burdens, instruments of organized crime including drug running and slavery, or as terrorists.
We can no longer allow such disorder on our borders. One of the clearest responsibilities of the federal government and of the President is to protect this country's citizens from attacks across our borders.

We urge you to direct your officials in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to create and institute plans to ensure that foreign nationals who attempt to cross our borders without permission will be (a) detected, (b) apprehended and (c) either removed from this country or detained for appropriate punishment under the law.

While your Administration is implementing long-term sustainable programs to achieve border security, we urge emergency measures that begin to provide the same protection immediately by mobilizing some combination, as necessary, of Border Patrol, other DHS personnel, the military, other federal personnel and technological tools.

Various pilot programs at selected locations have proven that zero tolerance of illegal human traffic across our borders is achievable if the federal government places a priority on protecting its citizens. We submit our names with the appreciation of your consideration and action."

I just received an update via email tonight on the number of signers. As of May 19th, 400,000 Americans have signed this petition. If, like me, you are interested in voicing your displeasure at the lax security along our borders since 9/11, there is a petition online. You'll find my name on this one as I am displeased with the Republican handling of Immigration and Border Security concerns. President Bush has been leading this with proposals that sound more like amnesty and less like security. As I posted previously, the "Border Security" page on the Homeland Security website has been missing in action for quite some time.

Americans for Better Immigration have been watching the votes of our legislators in DC. Take a gander at the Immigration Report Cards for our local congressional team: McConnell, Northup, and Bunning. I am sad to say that the senior Senator from Kentucky is not scoring very well here. I know that Kentucky's team tends to support President Bush's proposals but I believe they should be keeping their eye on the constituency on this particular issue.

I want to make it known that I am a staunch Conservative. I have never voted for a Liberal in my life. However, we need our representatives to keep their fingers on the pulse of Kentuckians to understand that, even though we support President Bush on many issues, this is one in which many of us require them to step out of line and vote for stronger border security and enforcement of our immigration laws.

Future Officers of the USAF

I don't know why the old hippies bothered to protest the West Point recruiters on Monday. Really. If West Point teaches the same thing that the Air Force Academy does, we will be sending the graduating classes over to the Middle East to spread freedom through dancing. ;-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I Like Ike!

One Vietnam vet right here in Kentucky (Ike Boutwell) is in a position to make his stance on Jane Fonda's treason very clear to the public and to Hollywood's money-makers. There's more than one way to spit, isn't there? ;-) Way to go, Ike!

Props for Women Over 40

This was attributed to Andy Rooney but I seriously doubt it's his handiwork. At any rate, it's a great piece on why women over 40 are valued by smart men. I figure it's worth posting just for self-esteem purposes! ;-)

"As I grow in age, I value women who are over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why:

A woman over 40 will not lay next to you in bed and ask, "What are you thinking?" She doesn't care what you think.

If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do. And, it's usually something more interesting.

A woman over 40 knows herself well enough to be assured in who she is, what she is, what she wants and from whom. Few women past the age of 40 give a damn what you might think about her or what she's doing.

Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you, if they think they can get away with it.

Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it's like to be unappreciated.

A woman over 40 has the self-assurance to introduce you to her women friends. A younger woman with a man will often ignore even her best friend because she doesn't trust the guy with other women. Women over 40 couldn't care less if you're attracted to her friends because she knows her friends won't betray her.

Women get psychic as they age. You never have to confess your sins to a woman over 40. They always know.

A woman over 40 looks good wearing bright red lipstick. This is not true of younger women or drag queens.

Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a woman over 40 is far sexier than her younger counterpart.

Older women are forthright and honest. They'll tell you right off if you are a jerk if you are acting like one! You don't ever have to wonder where you stand with her.

Yes, we praise women over 40 for a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, it's not reciprocal. For every stunning, smart, well-coifed hot woman of 40+, there is a bald, paunchy relic in yellow pants making a fool of himself with some 18-year-old waitress. Ladies, I apologize.

For all those men who say, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free." Here's an update for you. Nowadays 80% of women are against marriage, why? Because women realize it's not worth buying an entire pig, just to get a little sausage."

I Feel Safer Already!

Now THIS is my kind of flight crew!

This bit of humor is courtesy of our buddy the Master Chief.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

West Point/Army: We've Got Your Back!

It was a beautiful, sunny day here in Louisville today. Perfect for driving with the top down on the car and perfect for counter-protesting a bunch of mealy-mouthed pacifists! Much to the chagrin of our arch rivals, LPAC (a.k.a., the old hippies), Protest Warrior successfully crashed their little pacifist party today outside of the Ramada Inn on Zorn Avenue. They were there protesting the presence of the West Point Military Academy recruiters who were holding a presentation for prospective students inside the Ramada Inn this evening.

One old hippy chick took up a position all by herself in a median outside of the Ramada Inn just before 6pm tonight; she was joined quickly by another.

Lonely Old Hippy Chicks

One minute later, six Protest Warriors armed with flags from all four of the Armed Forces, tongue-in-cheek signs, Old Glory, and a boom box locked and loaded with patriotic tunes marched out to the opposite median. Eventually, there would be six old hippies holding silly signs intended to scare young men and women who were interested in attending Westpoint. Eventually, on the opposite median, there would be 15 liberty-loving supporters of the US Military and Conservative values waving flags and holding signs intended to show our support for America and her warriors.

Protest Warriors Mission Underway

Just as we were digging in for our hour-long protest, four young guys crossed the street to our median. I am sorry now that I didn't write down their names so I'd remember them long enough to name them here. (Sorry guys; I'm an old broad with a short memory!) We cheered when we found out who they were and why they had come out to join us. We are used to having the random veteran or active duty guy on leave join us -- it happens at every counter-protest we do and it means so much to all of us every time it happens. This was so very different. We were graced with the presence of the future of the US Army. I can tell you, after meeting and talking with these guys, this country will be in good hands.

Circumstances were nothing short of cosmically poetic. As it turns out, the Army was housing new recruits and a couple of guys who had re-enlisted at the Ramada Inn prior to them shipping out for bootcamp and to MEPS for physicals tomorrow. The guys told us that they had been wondering what they would find to do with their evening! They were happy to see us out there facing down the hippy contingent. Before we knew it, they were armed with flags and signs too. We were so proud to have them stand with us! Brent, one of our warriors, bought them all cigars. Immediately, our median took on the look of Patton's Army (sans uniforms, of course) as those cigars were lit and flags were waving. Naturally, the mood became pretty festive.

PW and Our New Friends

Amen, Brothers!

One of the young guys, who was cherishing the last few days of his longish blond locks, seemed to enjoy marching over to the other median to debate the pacifists. He took it upon himself to shake out some of the other recruits from the hotel to join us. We were joined by two older guys -- Dave had just re-upped and Tommy was a new recruit. Great guys. Since Dave and Tommy were over 21, Kelly (my fellow female warrior) and I made sure that they were rewarded with a couple of cold 12-packs of beer. I hope they threw a good party for their fellow recruits back at the hotel. It was the least we could do to say thanks.

A number of the local TV stations showed up to cover the protest and counter-protest happening out in the medians across from the Ramada. They spent a lot of time with us filming and interviewing. That could be good news or, as usual, it could turn out badly after the edits. Robert gave a good interview as did another warrior, Damon.

Old Hippies love the media (and vice-versa)

We're getting used to the media. Right, Damon?

Damon had one of the best new signs for this rally: "PEACE BIGOTS: Guilty of hate crimes against the American Soldier." The other awesome new sign is one that Kelly made. To understand why it's so awesome, you have to know that LPAC has been doing this sign campaign around town. Their signs read: "Peace Takes Courage." Kelly's new sign for this mission read: "FREEDOM TAKES COURAGE." Thanks to Brent, the LPAC signs have been quietly coming down as soon as they pop up around town. We Conservatives don't care for hippies who litter public property, right Brent? ;-)

I saw the WAVE-3 news report at 11pm tonight. It was labeled as an "investigative report." A misnomer for sure as the reporter didn't bother to mention that our crew was made up of more than just Protest Warriors. He didn't bother to interview any of our new friends who would be headed to bootcamp. Nice journalism, pal. Anyway, as expected, the soundbytes they used were a bit slanted to the Left; however, they didn't cut the footage of the new recruits standing at attention as the National Anthem played on the boombox.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T for A-M-E-R-I-C-A

WAVE-3 used footage of one of our favorite LPACers, Nancy -- she's grumpy, she's gray, and she's not too bright -- saying, "We've tried to talk to them [PW] before but it's like talking to a tree." I suppose she would know what it's like to talk to a tree now, wouldn't she? Sheesh. Then she added, "We're just on different levels." Unfortunately, she forgot to mention that it is we who are on the higher level. *sigh* NOTE: I misquoted based on memory of the quick bit I saw on the news. Check out the story on WAVE's website for the more accurate version of her nonsense.

My favorite part of the WAVE-3 report was the clip of Robert confronting a woman who was holding a "chickenhawks" sign. Robert simply wanted to know who they were calling a chickenhawk. She looked a silly and apologetic as she answered, "well, we don't mean YOU..." Actually, I'm sure she was telling the truth because when they call us a name it's usually "fascist."

Who's a Chickenhawk?!

Fox-41 news did a very brief blurb on us this evening at 10pm and they seemed to give us the slant for a change -- thanks for bucking tradition, Fox! I'll be sure to link you all to them if the TV station websites post the stories.

I had to chuckle a couple of times during this mission. The whole scene can become a bit overwhelming... Our friend, Frank, who joined the Warriors for this mission (his first experience with us) seemed to be just a taaaaaad overwhelmed by it all!

Don't worry, Frank; you did a fine job today!

I'm sure I've left out some details. Things were happening constantly and it was hard to keep up. I'd really like to get the text of Damon's sign (which was hilarious) but forgot to write it down or snap a picture of it. So, if you were there with PW today and want to contribute more details, please comment on this post or email me. I'd love to hear from everyone who was there today. I gave this blog address to the guys so they could see the pictures later. If you guys stop by, I hope you'll say "hi" and let us know how you're doing. Thanks for your courage, your patriotism, and your service. Godspeed and stay safe, fellas!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Flags a-Wavin'

It won't make the local news because it was such a positive development right in the heart of darkness... three liberty-loving, free-thinking, proud Americans stood at the corner of Bardstown Road and Douglass Blvd this evening at 7pm in support of our country, our troops, and our president.

There were no Lefties on the opposite corners screaming obscenities or letting their "free birds" fly; no idiots wandering over to "debate" us on the war; nothing but the sound of great patriotic music compiled on CD by Robert (BlueOneGolf himself) and the heart-filling sound of flags flapping in the breeze! We were armed with more flags than we could hold so we flew Old Glory, "We Support Our Troops," the Army flag, and the Marine Corps flag. We garnered more horn honks and waves from passing motorists than I ever thought possible in that part of Louisville. Simply amazing.

It didn't make the news but it certainly made for a lovely end to a wonderful Sunday.
God Bless America!

Al Hurra Documentary

I am catching up on my Weekly Standard reading today. "Uday's Oil-for-News Program" is quite an enlightening piece. It seems to confirm what most of us free-thinking folks have thought for quite a while: Al Jaazera is a very thinly veiled tool of Middle East despots and terrorists.

Does anyone know if the Alhurra expose on Saddam's financial links to the Arab press is available online or elsewhere (either dubbed in English or with subtitles)?

Upcoming PW Missions

In case those of you who live outside the Highlands neighborhood here in Louisville think that we don't have any wacky Liberal activists to deal with, allow me to present two upcoming events of Liberal nonsense slated for our community:

***5/15: "Counting the Cost" a National participatory event recognizing the extent of civilian casualties in Iraq.

***5/17: Counter Recruitment Event--Tuesday May 17th, 6:00-6:45pm, against the recruitment program at the Ramada Inn (used to be Holiday Inn), Zorn and River Rd.

You can count on your buddies in the local chapter of Protest Warrior to be on hand to display the RIGHT attitude for both of these little Lib-fests. We don't have the location of the nonsense for scheduled for today so we'll be holding down the corner of Bardstown Rd and Douglass Blvd (across from Twig and Leaf/Heine Bros) starting about 6:30pm or so. Even if the lunkheaded Libs don't choose that locale, it will be a great place to display our support for our President and our Troops.

We're meeting up at 5:30pm on Tuesday for the other event. That one should be a doozy! Who do they think they are? Oh yeah, that's right... aged hippies who haven't noticed that time and progress marches on without them! Please feel free to join us! Don't worry. You won't have any trouble identifying the Protest Warrior group -- we're the folks with the flags and funny signs who are smiling from ear to ear while we blast our patriotic tunes. Hope to see you there!

Belated Congratulations!

Congratulations to all the right-thinking folks in the UK and Australia! Yes, I'm a bit late on this but better late than never. The re-elections of Tony Blair and John Howard to third terms as Prime Minister of their respective countries are events that confirm what many Conservatives (both here and abroad) find honorable about these men. They are men of good common sense with views of freedom and foreign policy that mirror our own. Granted, Blair is "liberal" but he has proven a staunch ally in the war against terror, as has our Conservative friend Howard, so many of us overlook Blair's association with the Labour party.

The British press is obviously just as liberally biased as our own press right here in the States. I read BBC and see reports online that there is great unrest in the UK and Australia over the war in Iraq. Yet, somehow, in the recent elections the people of the UK and Australia supported our biggest allies in the war. Not only did UK citizens vote their support for Blair's foreign policy, they went on to grant seats in Parliament to politicians with an even more Conservative worldview!

It seems to me that many analysts are bending the story of Blair's re-election into a giant doom pretzel. I read that Tories WON seats in Parliament... CONSERVATIVE Tories. Need I say more? Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard put it best in his editorial.

Again, congratulations UK and Australia -- a big high-five from your Conservative friends in the States!

Mi casa NO su casa.

An email from the Conservative Action Liberty League (CALL) brought the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill to my attention. Thank goodness the Minute Man Project brought this issue much-needed attention; however, it seems that along with President Bush other DC politicos STILL don't get it. In the words of Tom Tancredo, "Read our lips: Secure our borders now!"

Oh that "maverick" McCain! Does he really believe anyone would take an immigration bill seriously with Kennedy's name attached to it?! Indeed, I believe CALL is right about this one.

Recently it was announced that Senators McCain and Kennedy are planning to introduce the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act of 2005. On the surface it might seem that the pressure that thousands of Americans have been putting on the government to solve the illegal immigration problem is starting to pay off. Look deeper, my friends. This bill is meant to placate us, not solve anything.

The bill has a couple of good points. It would require the current illegal immigrants residing in America to pay a $2000 fine and learn English. It would also require them to register and obtain a Visa. The bill goes on to say that companies who knowingly hire illegal immigrants will be fined, but it is already against the law and nobody is enforcing it.

The biggest problems you will find with this bill is that it provides no direction on how the borders will be secured. It also does not say what will happen to the illegal immigrants who do not register. So really this bill does nothing more than to hope current illegal immigrants will come forward, pay their fines, and learn English.

CALL cannot support this bill, as it does not solve our current problem. I encourage each and every one of you, especially those of you in Arizona and Massachusetts, to write to your Senators and tell them that placation is not enough. We want real action.
Thank you,

-Aaron ChandlerChief Executive Officer/Co-FounderConservative Action Liberty League (C.A.L.L.)

"Liberty, once lost, is lost forever."-John Adams

By the way, check out the Anarchist threat to the Minute Man Project on their home page along with Jim Gilchrist's response. It's good reading. Go Minute Men!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Second Amendment

Through a note of support from Mark who writes the Gun Lobby blog, I was made aware of a great analysis from 2004 of whether the Second Amendment secures an individual right.

If you read/hear much from the zombie-like Liberals, you've probably heard the argument that the Second Amendment pertains only to the right to form and arm a militia. After reading this report, you'll be able to concisely refute that nonsense. What a great write-up.

Hat tip to ya, Mark!

Eeeek! The "L" Word?...

My Political Profile:

Overall: 85% Conservative, 15% Liberal
Social Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Ethics: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal


My Linguistic Profile:
65% General American English
25% Dixie
10% Yankee
0% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern

Monday, May 09, 2005

Inside View of the Pegasus Parade

I have finally taken the time to post the pictures and insights from my experience participating in this year's Pegasus Parade on Thursday last. Please check out all the pictures and write-up on the Cardinal Coalition blog.

It was a blast and I can't wait until next year! Although, NEXT year I'll be sure to break in the shoes I plan to wear ahead of time. Sheesh.

The Derby Princesses preparing for their ride on our float

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Loads to Tell...

...but little time to tell it all! From Thursday on, I have been running non-stop from activity to activity. Who plans the Derby for the same weekend as Mother's Day, for heaven's sake?! Anyway, when time permits there will be some stories about this weekend and some photos as well. Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

UK Election Thursday!

I just read Ipse Dixit's comments on the upcoming general election in the United Kingdom. I have to differ with a number of the Conservative bloggers on this. I don't mind that Kerry's people are trying to help Tony Blair get re-elected. Evidently, they are trying anything just to say that they've won something! Go figure; a group of Libs who want to win at least one election of some import! A Scottish friend of mine is very close to the election buzz in the UK and his email yesterday gave me some comfort.

"It's the general election here on Thursday. So on Friday we could have a new Prime Minister although its unlikely. It will be Tony Blair - Labour ( the incumbent) or Michael Howard - Conservative. Howard is right wing whilst, under Blair, Labour are very much a centre left party. The UK (England , Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) is divided into 662 constituencies. You vote for who you want the MP to be in your constituency. The party with the most MPs (i.e., the party that wins the most constituencies) is asked to form the next government by the Queen. My vote is negated somewhat by the fact that I live in a
safe labour seat. They could put a stuffed toy up for Labour in my area and it would still romp home.

ps: didn't a dead guy win an election in the states once?"

In case you can't tell from his comments, my old friend is not necessarily a fan of Prime Minister Blair (or of GW Bush, for that matter). We generally steer clear of any politics in our communications because we differ quite a lot on issues; we have agreed to disagree. However, knowing that my friend is a Liberal certainly makes his comments even more important to those of us who are cheering PM Blair onward and upward!

Hat tip to Ipse Dixit for the news that jarred my memory.
Big apology to my friend in the UK for using his words without advance permission... I think I sense a bottle of fine Kentucky bourbon coming his way! ;-)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Pegasus Parade Tomorrow

For those of you outside the Louisville area, please forgive us our insanity... it's Kentucky Derby Festival time here! The two weeks leading up to the running of the Kentucky Derby are full of festivities. Few of us jaded Louisvillians really get out to enjoy it all. Actually, we've had a cold snap in this area so some of us are using that as an excuse. However, the truly hardy among us are braving the wind and cold to go to these events. ;-)

Tomorrow is my day to run out of excuses... The Pegasus Parade will be rolling down Broadway starting at 5pm. Yours truly will be walking with The Fillies behind our float. If you happen to watch the parade tomorrow, hopefully from somewhere along the route on Broadway, I hope you'll give a shout out to your friend ConservaChick. I'll be the Filly in the cuffed blue jean capri pants with a pink polka-dotted scarf and pink sunglasses.

If I get some good pictures of the parade tomorrow, I'll post them on the blog.

The Great Derby Debate!

"The Great Derby Debate" hosted by the Metropolitan Republican Womens' Club. From left to right: Jim Milliman (R), John Yarmouth (D), and Bill Stone (Moderator)

For our May meeting, The Metropolitan Republican Womens' Club hosted a debate last night at Big Spring Country Club. After the meeting and dinner, we were treated to the Great Derby Debate between Jim Milliman and John Yarmouth. We were pressed to find a truly non-affiliated Moderator so we asked our friend, Bill Stone, to "act" as Moderator! ;-) It was a fun debate; however, in true Liberal fashion, Yarmouth said nothing new outside of the Dems talking points. The only thing I heard from Yarmouth that was even remotely true is that he believes the Dems need to start being "for" something instead of against everything. Nice work, John. I will give him credit for attempting a debate with a Republican at a Republican club meeting though.

We are a womens' club in name only; we always have a healthy attendance by many men who have joined as associate members. We are fortunate to have many well-known Republicans as members so the crowd at these meetings is always well-informed and interesting. The club doesn't meet again until September, but if anyone is interested in attending a meeting sometime, please email me.

Jim Milliman (R) holding up the Democrats' Social Security plan. Don't worry if you can't read the piece of paper in this picture... there's not a single word on it!

Moderator, Bill Stone, looking through topics/questions submitted by the audience.

John Yarmouth (D) -- You've got to give him credit for attempting to debate a Republican at a Republican event!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sunday's PW Debriefing

For those of you who don't know, Protest Warrior has had a standing counter-protest against LPAC and other Lefties on the first Sunday of every month at the Bardstown Rd/Douglass Blvd intersection. This month was no exception and was actually more successful (subjectively speaking) than a number of previous months.

We had up to eight Warriors on hand for this one and, now that the daylight is on our side from 7-8pm, we had a number of supportive motorists (honks and wooohooos) who were able to read our signs and see that we stood in opposition to the America-haters on the other corners.

For the record, here are some of the incidents that still stand out in my mind after this past Sunday's mission:

1.) The most astonishing show of support came via a motorist who stopped his car in the middle of the intersection and got out of his car. At first, he looked very mad and a few of us thought he was going to throw punches our way! His anger was not about us at all; it was about the lunkheaded Lefties. He stood in that intersection and shouted to us, "God bless you all for being out here. We need more people like you standing up to these idiots!" We were a bit concerned for his safety (and his sanity, actually); however, he got back in his car immediately and sped away.

2.) An older gent in a cadillac was stopped at the light closest to where I was standing with my signs. He shouted out to me, "I think I like you guys. What are your signs about?" I told him and he said "Yep, I definitely like you guys!" He told me that if he could stand, he'd certainly get out and join us on the corner. Turns out he is a disabled veteran. Those guys are gems -- always so supportive of us and always fun to talk with.

In stark contrast to the disabled veteran in his cadillac, the Lefties have a guy on their side every month whose sign says "Veterans for Peace." I talked to him one time and it turns out he served with the U.N. troops for a short time. Excuse me while I spit. He's no veteran; he's a con-artist, worthless blue-helmeted piece of political garbage. If you want to see how helpful the U.N. blue helmets were in Bosnia, watch a movie called "No Mans Land." Awesome movie.

The Lefties also have a couple who were in the Air Force at some time in their lives. I doubt they are USAF retirees. They like to tell the press that they are "Vietnam vets." We did a little looking into that and it turns out that neither of them ever saw duty in Vietnam. He was in Thailand in 1975 and she probably was too. Never trust a Lib who says he/she is a veteran of any war. They call a number of things "veteran" none of which the rest of us would recognize as having served.

3.) And, finally, I found it amusing that a young, long-haired kid who introduced himself as Derrick, came over and read our signs. Some of us get tired of trying to talk with the Lefties when they approach wanting some dialogue. It is very much like listening to the Autorantic Moonbat in the sidebar of my blog. For some reason, Derrick decided to chat with me and I was actually in the mood for it.

He said, "I've never really met anyone who is a Rightwinger so I thought I'd see for myself what you guys are like. So what are you guys all about?"

Fortunately, I've gotten better at the abbreviated version of explaining our position; he nodded his head a lot. Then he actually thanked me for talking to him, said I was nice, and walked away. I think this young man had been brainwashed into thinking that "Rightwingers" were all bad people. Sad, isn't it?

Monday, May 02, 2005

In the Army Now?...

In case my blog suddenly goes unattended a few months from now, you can assume that the Fort Campell Crew Chief I met at Howl at the Moon on Saturday has gotten through Recruiter school and has figured out a way to waive the age restrictions. No kidding. I gave him my card and said that if he figured out a way to make it happen, I'd sign on the dotted line and do a few years with the good guys! Stay tuned... ;-)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

New Found Friends

Okay, so I'll spare you all of the details of the Passion Party last night except to say that it was a total blast. My cousin put on a great party. She was even clever enough to include men (spouses) in the mix. It was a riot, watching those guys earnestly ask questions about the toys, turn them on and off, taste all the "edible" potions, etc. It was just wonderful!

Afterward a lot of us headed downtown to Fourth Street Live for a little dancing. I was flying solo for the evening so one of the couples (basically my cousins-in-law) adopted me so I wouldn't end up walking to the parking garage alone later. They are awesome people! After hanging out at the dance clubs for a couple of hours, they suggested heading over to Howl at the Moon. What a fun place! I'm still hoarse from all the sing/shout alongs!

While we were there, we made some new friends at the table next to us -- as fate would have it they were two military couples from Fort Campell; the post from which my Dad retired as a "Screaming Eagle" in 1978! I went to Junior High in Clarksville, TN not far from the post.

The best part of getting to know them was hearing about how one of the couples met. She is an Army Reservist who was working on water sanitation in the most Northern part of Iraq; he was there as part of the active duty Army. Now, they're married with a son. She's still Reserve and, contrary to popular belief, she's only serving on weekends as planned. He's going to Recruiting School in six weeks and, believe me, he'll do well in recruiting.

None of them had heard about Protest Warrior, so I explained what we do. Both of the guys busted up laughing and high-fived me. They love it. The guy going off to recruiting school said his Dad, like so many other soldiers, had been spit on when he returned from Vietnam; he was jazzed to know there are people like us who very publicly stand down the pacifist freakshow. No one did that for our Dads during Vietnam.

I wish we had had a quieter venue to chat because there was so much I wanted to ask them about Iraq. Needless to say they don't call the place "Howl at the Moon" for no reason -- the music and sing-alongs are non-stop. Fun place! It was awesome fun meeting the two couples from Ft. Campbell. I treasure the big hugs we exchanged as I was leaving. Our country is in such great hands!

PS: For any pacifist parasites who may stumble onto my blog, here's a little factoid for you...
Fort Campbell soldiers have supported humanitarian relief efforts in Rwanda and Somalia, then later supplied peacekeepers to Haiti and Bosnia. Our warriors are knights in shining armor to many, many people on this planet.