Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

I thought I'd wish my Christian friends a very blessed Resurrection Sunday (Easter) today. My apologies to my Jewish friends for missing the opportunity to wish them a blessed Pesach (Passover) on the first day of the observance.

God bless and keep you all during these sacred holidays and always!


Lady said...


I hope you are well. It's been so long since you have written anything I am beginning to think you may have a personal crisis going on. I hope not. I hope you are just busy and don't have time to write.

I pop in to read you very beautiful prose ... hope to read a new one soon.

The democratic slate is nuts. Gatewood seems to be the only real man with nothing in his closet.

I like Harper on the Republican slate.

I tell you what, slim pickens on the dems though. It's a bummer for me since I'm a dem.

Gatewood has my vote.

Good speed my friend,

Lady said...

Dawn, Me again, I know you heard Jeff Ruby refused OJ service at his restaurant. NOW THERE IS A STORY FOR YOU MY GIRL!

Anonymous said...

Stopped in to get some intellegent prose on the KY govenor's race (and the Derby for that matter!) and there's nothing here about either. Don't loose faith in your commentary. Come back. We modern conservatives need and enjoy your takes and wit!!!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, where have you gone? We miss you.

Dawn said...

Lady, thanks so much for your concern! Sorry to have left you all hanging with no explanation. I do like to plan and announce any prolonged absences; however, this one was sudden and POSITIVE! I'll explain more in the post today.

Thank you all for continuing to check in and for your encouragement while I was away. I hope you'll better understand after reading the post today. Possibly some of you can relate!

All the best,