Saturday, April 07, 2007

Welcome to YouTube, MNF-Iraq!

Multi-national Forces in Iraq have embraced the phenomenon that is YouTube. You can now add the MNF-Iraq channel to your favorites line-up now on YouTube!

With terrorists feeding their videos directly to CNN for free airtime/publicity, I suppose the most we pro-victory folks can hope for is a YouTube channel, eh? Kind of a sad commentary on the choices made by our media, really.

NPR's "On the Media" did an interview with Major Armando Hernandez who is the media outreach embed chief with the multinational forces in Iraq. The interviewers mention almost immediately that terrorists have been using the internet to get their messages out for years now while our own forces have largely passed on the opportunities the internet presents (apart from the random videos produced and posted by soldiers).

I've subscribed to the new channel and am looking forward to watching these videos as they are released. I post the news from CENTCOM already and I'm sure we'll be seeing some videos that are representative of some of the operations mentioned in those releases.

The new YouTube channel is probably the ONLY place we will see videos like the one I've embedded in this post -- videos that show some of the good our forces are doing for Iraqis who are being subjected to violence at the hands of insurgents.

Enjoy the following video courtesy of the new MNF-Iraq channel. Keep up the good work MNF!!

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