Wednesday, December 03, 2008

God enters through the wounds.

As a blogger, I find myself confronted on an almost hourly basis with public relations email messages from every organization on the planet. It seems that everyone has a cause to promote and the PR staff to do it. At times, I find myself very fortunate in this regard when I am contacted by organizations that are helping humanity with very profound issues in very meaningful, dare I say, spiritual ways. One such organization is Survivor Corps.

I grew up the daughter of an Army veteran who suffered post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of two years of direct in-country involvement in the Vietnam war. At one point in life, I was the wife of a Vietnam veteran. I know what it's like to live with the bad (often violent) dreams, with the temper, and with the "otherness" that veterans bring home courtesy of war experiences that create PTSD. Whether one is the child of, the spouse of, or the veteran him/herself, there is nothing quite so emotionally confusing and life altering as PTSD. Strategy Page has a great article on it called "The Great War on PTSD." Read it. Learn about it. We have a large number of brave men and women returning from Iraq who are already dealing with it.

As I read more and more about Survivor Corps, I became excited about what they're doing. I'm an amateur psychology buff and it occurred to me as I processed the information on their website that someone has finally put Carl Jung's archetype of the Wounded Healer into a beneficial program for survivors of war. In my considered opinion and experience, there has been no truer statement ever made than that of Carl Jung: "God enters through the wounds." Indeed, God does. For some it takes having a wound; for others, it takes being the person who created the wound. No matter how you slice it, the experience becomes a door to self, to God, to the universe of healing -- you either slam that door shut as hard as you can or you walk through it toward hope, toward healing.

Survivor Corps is helping the wounded returning from our contemporary global conflicts (whether US troops or victims and soldiers of wars in other countries) to heal themselves by working with other survivors, other men and women who have survived their own wounds of war and become healers through their experiences. It's an amazing concept that was a long time coming as a real and meaningful approach to PTSD! BRAVO SURVIVOR CORPS!!

Folks, regardless of your politics, religion, or world view, you have to admit that war leaves scars. Those who are surrounded by it, those who fight it, and those who live it for years afterward are scarred forever. Those scars become the scars of a generation, of a society, the scars of a humanity that knows it has done something traumatic on behalf of country or cause, a time that can either be for healing or for more bleeding... Read about Survivor Corps. Donate to their program today if you can. I will post a permanent donations link for Survivor Corps in the sidebar of ConservaChick for readers after making a donation on behalf of the ConservaCouple household in the next few days.

Survivor Corps' cause should be the cause of any human being who would like to see the scars of war healed and the beautiful human beings who gave all of their spirit to defending us in time of war rightfully restored to better health and well being. They so very much deserve to regain their free spirits, their health, their families, and their rightful places as mentors to all of humanity.

"God enters through the wounds" and, with a little help from Survivor Corps, helps others help themselves so they can help others. God bless you, Survivor Corps. Keep up the great work!

[With tremendous thanks to Dani for writing to me about Survivor Corps --thank you for your persistence!]


Anonymous said...

You have a technorati of 7 and are ranked in the 700,000. Your blog is minuscule (compared to the real heavy hitters like atrios and instapundit). So I kind of doubt your claims that you are "confronted on an almost hourly basis with public relations email messages from every organization on the planet"

Angela Foster said...

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is related to surviving a traumatic event, in which you feel your life or someone else's life is threatened. These events can be catastrophic, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and war zones. Often times the event may be more individualized, such as a serious car accident, physical or sexual abuse, or animal attack.