Monday, August 24, 2009

The Great Liberal Narrative

I have just seen the most brilliant summary of what we Conservatives mean when we say that the MSM is biased, what we mean when we express outrage over the lack of news coverage that is afforded stories that simply don't "fit the narrative."

Pajamas TV's Bill Whittle has done it in his Afterburner video titled, "MSNBC & the Great Liberal Narrative: The Truth about the Tyranny of Political Correctness." [I'm having trouble getting this video embedded. Please click the link in the text above and watch it. Believe me, you'll be glad you did.]

My fellow Conservatives will absolutely be cheering after they watch this -- "Finally! Someone has laid it out and said it better than ever before."

My Liberal friends -- many of whom are in total denial right now -- will probably deny, jeer, and ridicule; however, if they take the time to actually watch this with an open mind, they'll understand why many Americans (of every political party, race, and age) are upset at the mainstream media and politicians who have freely labeled and pigeon-holed us for so long.

Thank you and well done, Bill and PJTV!!

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