Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I hope he *does* stake his career on this.

At the ConservaChick household this evening, we watched our local television news outlets for reports on the town hall meeting held this evening by Congressman John Yarmuth at Central High School in Louisville, Kentucky. (Fortunately for us, we don't live in his district anymore so we couldn't get in.)

Only WLKY-32 seemed to try to balance its reporting of the event. While the report did not show the protesters outside the venue, they did report and show video of the participants who asked questions on both sides of the issue inside the meeting.

Fox-41 reported on the town hall event but did not show nor did they mention anything about the the anti-Obamacare protesters outside the venue. They only showed the astroturf pro-Obamacare protesters outside the venue. It was the most superficial coverage we saw tonight.

What strikes me as a huge blow to the Dems single-payer objective was when Yarmuth was asked how Congress expected to pay for this "healthcare reform" bill and he said he had no idea... now THAT'S Liberal leadership, folks. Nice work, Congressman. See ya; wouldn't wanna be ya!

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I know this is a late comment on the thread ... but ... the reason you would not have seen AntiHealth Reform protesters outside of the Yarmuth Town Hall at Central is because there were maybe 2.

I was there - There were at most 2 AntiHealthcare Reform protesters.