Friday, September 04, 2009

Louisville Tea Party and Tea Party Express Stop TOMORROW!

Over the past week, I have noticed new visitors to "ConservaChick" who have come from Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. All of whom found this blog while searching the internet with the phrase "tea party louisville sept 5." So, I realized it's more important than ever that I post the details I received today about the Louisville Tea Party and the Tea Party Express stop here tomorrow. I hope that all of you within driving distance come to visit us tomorrow -- I promise not to complain about lack of parking! ;o)

What follows is the schedule and additional information on Louisville's Tea Party and the Tea Party Express stop here tomorrow, September 5th directly from the Louisville Tea Party Organizer, Wendy Caswell. See you there, Patriots!

1354 South 4th Street, Louiisville, KY 40203
3:30 - 7:30pm

This is a family friendly event. Please bring your picnic lunches, chairs, and blankets and enjoy a day of family activities including local, regional, and national speakers, national recording artists Lloyd Marcus and Rivoli Revue (played on April 15th), "Let Your Voice Be Heard" Video Monologue Booths, Gallery of Patriots, Information Fair, and face painting for the kids. It's going to be a great day to be a patriot and I ask all of you to come out and be silent no more. Bring and tell EVERYONE you can.


3:00 - "Gates Open" - Music and Info Fair will begin 3:30 - Welcome by LGTP VP Jim Coyle (MC)

3:55 - Pledge and National Anthem

4:00 - 2010 Senate Candidate Dr. Rand Paul (more info at;

4:10 - 2010 KY 3rd D Candidate Marilyn Parker (more info at;

4:20 - Campaign for Liberty Representative (more info at;

4:30 - Les Naiman - Small Business owner, Member of LGTP board, and host of Les
Naiman Show on WGTK Sundays @ 10pm

4:40 - Wendy Caswell - President of LGTP and Original Tea Party organizer

4:50 - Leo Hunstiger - Former Professional Sports Owner and Manager

5:00 - Jim Coyle - Vice President of LGTP and Former Media and Radio Host

5:10 - Short Intermission - Music and getting ready for Tea Party Express

5:30 - Tea Party Express Stops with National Speakers and Recording Artists
Including - Rivoli Revue (played at April 15th in Louisville), Lloyd Marcus - Tea Party Anthem, National Chairman of Our Country Deserves Better, National Tea Party Patriots Organizer Amy Kremer, and others...

Booths will close between 7:00 and 7:30 pm

Our special promotional sponsor for this event is the NEW WLRS 105.1FM
Conservative Talk featuring: ManCow - 6-9am
Laura Ingrahm - 9-12noon
Michael Savage - 12-3pm
Glenn Beck - 3-6pm
For more Info go to;

I'm so excited for this event and I hope everyone comes out to support
this. Our goal is 5,000 people and I think we're really close so please, If you
agree or are even deciding, come and get some information and listen to like
minded citizens. See you all tomorrow.

After Jim Coyle (LGTP VP) was featured on just about every news channel on Wednesday night and then on the front page of the Courier Journal, we both got a call from the Fox News Channel. Jim Coyle was asked to be a guest on Fox and Friends on Saturday (tomorrow).

This is HUGE. I was also told by the newsroom that they will be doing LIVE updates from our Tea Party all day long. So everyone tune in tomorrow morning probably between 7:30 and 8:30. Then those of you who can't make it can tune in all day long and get live updates.

There is the street parking on both sides of the street surrounding Central Park. (as well as all the other close streets all have parking) We also got permission to use the Cochran Elementary School parking lot. It is located on Lee Street between 4th and 5th about 3 blocks south of Central Park. There is also several businesses on 3rd street between Oak and Ormsby that are not open on Saturday. That lot is off Ormsby in an alley between 3rd and 4th behind the businesses. I hope this is helpful.

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