Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Protesters from Kentucky"

I have been completely remiss in my ConservaChick duties of late. I have pictures and editorial to post from the Louisville Tea Party of September 5th and from the amazing Taxpayer March on DC -- of which ConservaCouple was a part -- on 9/12. I have loads of pictures to organize and post as well as numerous video and editorial links.

Other personal priorities have relegated blogging to the bottom of the list of things that require my time and attention right now; however, guilt about this has forced me to make a quick sidetrip to the office tonight to post a quick video clip from YouTube.

Teresa McAllister is the force behind "The REAL March on DC" on YouTube. This is just one of the videos she took that day. Her videos from the March on DC are a testament to the people who came from all over the United States -- on their own dime, under their own steam -- to make their voices heard on 9/12. Thanks for your work and for making it available to everyone to see for themselves, Teresa!

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