Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Start polishing those resumes, Congress!

There were thousands in attendance in Sacramento, CA when the Tea Party Express launched its tour from coast to coast. There were thousands at the stop in Arizona to greet the Tea Party Express when it rolled to a stop there.

I've watched the Tea Party forums as people are making their travel arrangements to the local tea parties and to the big march in Washington, DC. Every American who's fed up with irresponsible spending and the oath-busting behavior of politicians from EVERY party as they show complete disregard for our Constitution is making travel arrangements and signs. As the Tea Party caravan winds its way toward DC, keep an eye on the crowds. I doubt you'll see any ebb in the enthusiasm as this Express moves across the breadth of America.

I hope America's political ruling class will be paying attention and buffing up their resumes. They are going to need them for their pending re-entry into the private sector (if there's one left) in 2010!

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