Thursday, March 25, 2010

BREAKING: Democrat claims of violence incite violence against tea partiers

I received this email message from the Patriot Caucus just a few minutes ago. This is getting frightening, folks. It has to stop. Please share this information with everyone in your circle. The media won't be reporting on the attacks coming our way from Leftist hate-mongers and extremists; it's up to us...

We're under assault!

Fellow Patriots,

This email is extremely important. As you probably know, there have been several claims of violence against Democrat members of Congress following the healthcare fight. The media is grossly exaggerating these claims, while refusing to report on the fact that WE are under constant threat from leftists and Govcare supporters.

During the past two days, I've personally received hundreds of hateful messages and phone calls, and this morning I had a voicemail that contained a physical threat against me.

You can watch a YouTube video containing the audio of the threat here. I also strongly recommend you read the entire post and watch the Glenn Beck video on the same post.

Essentially, Glenn Beck points out the fact that we're all being provoked, and a violent response is what they want. But even worse is the fact that even though they haven't yet gotten the response they want, they're working with the media to make it appear as though they have.

When in reality, what they're doing is inciting violence against innocent tea party activists like you and me.

This is a frightening situation. We need to be careful, focused, and strategic with our activism moving forward.

These are dangerous times.

For Liberty,
-Eric Odom, National Chair

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