Thursday, March 25, 2010

If it's a waste of your office's resources, AG, I say waste 'em!

It appears that Kentucky's Attorney General, Jack Conway, is more concerned with his campaign for the US Senate than he is with the sovereignty of our state. (I know, I know... it's just shocking, isn't it? A Democrat who is unconcerned with the US Constitution! Who knew?)

From the Kentucky House Republican Caucus page in Facebook:

Representative Hoover Renews Call Upon Attorney General


 Today at 10:58am

Frankfort, KY- House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover has once again urged Kentucky's Attorney General, Jack Conway, to join thirteen of his colleagues in challenging the constitutionality of the health care reform legislation that has been signed into law by President Barack Obama, the bill's chief advocate.

In this, the second hand delivered letter to General Conway also signed by all 35 members of the House Republican Caucus, Representative Hoover cites the recent passage and enactment of this bill as the basis for a renewed call and implores General Conway to recognize the additional $300 million annual burden this mandate will place on the taxpayers of Kentucky who can least afford such a levy in these uncertain economic times.

"This health care mandate unconstitutionally requires every American to purchase some form of health insurance, regardless of age, income or circumstances, but the pain doesn't end there," said Representative Hoover. "It also places an overbearing burden on our Commonwealth's already strained budget by forcing the expansion of Medicaid while singlehandedly ravaging our citizens' constitutional granted rights and liberties."

In a letter delivered to General Conway on January 6, Representative Hoover and the House Republican Caucus urged General Conway to join a group of his colleagues across the nation, both Democrat and Republican, in filing a lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of the national health care bill. The original request, which specifically noted the dramatically increased financial burden this bill would levy against Kentuckians as well as the "sweetheart" deals that were conspicuously added to garner support, was rejected by General Conway on the basis that it was premature and would be wasteful to use the resources of his office on such an investigation.

Representative Hoover added, "As a collective voice, our caucus is once again unanimously calling upon General Conway to carry out his duties as the chief legal officer in the Commonwealth and challenge the constitutionality of a mandate that will require individuals to buy health insurance and place a population-based tax on states. This corrupt legislation contains various provisions and federal directives that clearly violate the U.S. Constitution by infringing on each citizen's ability to control their health care choices and must not be allowed to stand."


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