Monday, March 08, 2010

Massive Conservative Gathering in Just 18 Days!

Friends - one of the largest gatherings of conservatives will take place in 18 days - and we want to make sure you come out and join us for the huge "Showdown in Searchlight."


Watch the ad below - and pass this on to others to watch as well.  Also pass along the link to others to be sure they see it as well:  


From the dusty streets of Harry Reid's tiny hometown of Searchlight, NV (population: 700 or so) to the roads outside the White House in Washington, D.C., the Tea Party Express will traverse America from March 27 - April 15, with 42 tea party rallies in small towns and big cities across the nation. 

It all kicks off on March 27th with the "Showdown in Searchlight" rally. 

There's still time for you to catch a ride aboard one of our Charter Buses heading from cities across America to the event in Searchlight.  More information on how you can get on a bus to Searchlight can be obtained by emailing us at:

You can also get more information on the "Showdown in Searchlight" at our website here:



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