Thursday, March 04, 2010

Paul Ryan ROCKS!

I thought this PJTV Video: "Paul Ryan Faces Down Obama: Just the Facts Mr. President" was terrific. Paul Ryan responded to sob stories with data. Call me an analytical sucker but there's nothing like reality backed by data to make hash out of an Federal power grab against our liberties.


Anonymous said...

Guess you see what you want to see. I saw no anger in Obama's face. A smirk, yes. All of those "facts" have been discussed in great detail. Some are true, some half-truths and others flat out false. Those of us more concerned about surviving cancer than we are about fighting another civil war see no "grab against our liberties" in providing to the American people what every other developed county is able to provide. Now that I sat through your video, I think you should sit through mine regarding Paul Ryan.

Brandon J said...

I was really impressed by Ryan as well. They had him on the Rusty Humphries show last night and it was great. Good to know there are people as young as he is who are able to go toe to toe and put the smack down the ivy league beauracrats.

Dawn McCurry Shuler said...

I watched your video, Anonymous. The only thing that disturbed me about it was that Ryan voted for the bank bailout for ANY reason whatsoever. There is no excuse for voting for government bailouts of private sector business. Period. What's happening between our federal government and private sector business lately is creeping fascism. It's outright scary.

For the record: The current American "progressive movement" is really only a rebranded National Socialist party -- the party of choice in Nazi Germany, Anon. Let's not start pretending that it's not. You and Rachel Maddow really ought to bone up on world history a tad before taking potshots at people who understand world history.

I'm sorry to hear that you are fighting cancer, Anon. My mother is still alive and well 3+ years after her battle with stage 3 primary peritoneal cancer and we're grateful for that. I believe she's got the right positive attitude to make it all the way to "survival." I hope you and your family are as lucky as my mother and our family have been.

My mother is over 65 and, God forbid, if the federal government had been in charge of deciding what treatment she got based on the quality of her remaining life, she may not have received the terrific care that saved her life. If you're puzzled by the majority of your countrymen balking at the government take-over of our health care systems, think about the choices that may have made for you in your time of need.

As much as I do empathize with your battle against cancer, Anon, you should understand that the government cannot mandate you or anyone else into wellness by legislating universal government-run health care. (As a matter of fact, they can have a very negative effect on your wellness when doctors start becoming overburdened and underpaid.) No form of health insurance, private or otherwise, can insure that you regain or remain in good health. The two are not equal in nature.

While you are willing to hand over your liberty to make health care choices for yourself based on your own unique situation, a majority of us are not. We understand that, just as they legislate themselves in charge, they legislate your self-direction and your choices out. A government big enough to provide you with everything can also take everything away.

If you refuse to think about these things now, you won't be able to change them later when you realize that the teat being offered you by Momma Sam is full of sour milk.

I wish you well and hope you win your struggle with cancer, Anonymous. I hope you have good friends and family around you to help keep your chin up.