Saturday, March 27, 2010

Physicians Unwilling to Call Time of Death for Health Care Freedom!


Over 700 people
filled the room to capacity on Thursday evening to hear 3 AAPS physicians speak about efforts to keep medical freedom alive despite ObamaCare being signed into law.  The "How to Stop ObamaCare" Rally was sponsored by Americans for Prosperity and the Tucson Tea Party.  The Tucson Fox affiliate covered the event.

Eric Novack, MD spoke about the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act (, which will appear on the ballot this November.  It is the model for similar efforts across the country that could stop the government takeover of medical care.  The proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution is based on two simple principles.  One, bureaucrats cannot prevent citizens from spending their own money on lawful medical services, and two, citizens cannot be forced to participate in any healthcare plan.  To read more and to support efforts to pass this act (the opposition is going to great lengths to stop it) visit

Dr. Novack also pointed out a few of the serious issues with ObamaCare:

Small and big business alike will be hurt.

2) The writers of the bill exempted themselves from participating.

3) The IRS could expand by 16,000 agents to enforce penalties imposed by ObamaCare at a cost of $10 billion.

4) Services and procedures not covered under ObamaCare may not be available at all.

5) Health Savings Accounts are in danger under ObamaCare.

6) Tax payer funds could to be used to fund abortions and services to illegal aliens.

Lee Vliet, M.D. reminded us that ObamaCare was signed into law on the anniversary of Patrick Henry's legendary speech and that the day prior was the anniversary of the Stamp Act. .

Jane Orient, M.D. made the case that the most dangerous part of the bill is the individual mandate.  Many lawsuits questioning the Constitutionality of this mandate are being filed, including one by AAPS.

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