Monday, March 01, 2010

Rally for Jim Bunning Tomorrow in Lexington!

The Rand Paul campaign today has issued an invitation to you and everyone who supports limited government and fiscal responsibility to join them at a rally in support of Jim Bunning tomorrow. Here's the scoop:

Jim Bunning is being unfairly attacked for saying we should spend money already set aside rather than borrowing more. He deserves our support and he is going to get it.

Please bring your Rand Paul signs and show your support for balanced budgets, term limits, ending wasteful pork spending, and returning the power to the people.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Jim Bunning's Lexington KY office
771 Corporate Drive
Lexington, KY

For more information and to add your own RSVP, go to the event announcement on Facebook.

I wish I could be there but I have to plan farther in advance to be away from the office. I hope that those of you who can do it on short notice will turn out in full force to support Congressman Bunning. We need to reward our representatives with our full support when they make a tough stand on the principles we say we expect them to uphold in DC!

A big thank you from ConservaChick to the Rand Paul folks for getting something like this together on such short notice. An even bigger thanks to my favorite Kentucky Senator, Jim Bunning, for making the tough choices and taking the right stand on an important issue yet again!


Tom said...

Wait, you mean you actually support the actions of this soulless monster? You don't care that he's screwing over millions of Americans? This is exactly why conservatives shouldn't be involved in our government: they lack compassion for the Americans they claim to represent.

Anonymous said...

Tom, what about representing the majority of Americans who's money is being taken from them to provide unconstitutional benefits for the minority? You monster!

Tom said...

As a Christian, I believe we are called by Christ to help those who are in need. So I have no problem with some of my money being used to help others. If a bunch of conservatives have a problem with that, then they should take it up with Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Don't come here looking for love or compassion - religious or secular. Read the site. You'll get the message loud and clear.

Dawn McCurry Shuler said...


No one, especially here at ConservaChick will EVER discourage you or anyone else from helping others. We do it often and we do it when we can as we are grateful for our blessings. We don't have to be Christians to be charitable.

Your Christianity does not entitle you to enslave others to the yoke of indebtedness. I believe if you check your Bible, you'll find that borrowing money is highly discouraged. Jesus asked YOU to help others because, regardless of your religion, we should help each other either directly, through our churches, and/or through our communities.

I take great umbrage with waving your religion around assuming that it entitles you to enslave my family to the "magic money" train of this out-of-control government. If we did what they're doing now, we'd all be in prison for counterfeiting.

Senator Bunning is a hero for standing up for doing the right thing. Bouncing checks and digging a devastating hole of debt is wrong no matter who does it, Tom.

The thing that I find funny about all this is that it generally takes a retirement to bring out the spine in most
Republicans on Capitol Hill yet Jim Bunning has been standing straight all along and he's retiring. Rand Paul will be a great replacement for him.


Tom said...


It wasn't my intention to wave my faith at you guys, though I did assume you'd be conservative Christians. So I appologize for my last post.

Here's my secular take on this issue. Yes we have a high debt right now, but our economy is also struggling. I believe we can't start reducing the debt until we get the economy under control and lower the unemployment rate. Unfortunately, some of our recovery efforts do add to the debt but I think that's unavoidable at the moment.

I totally get where you're coming from on the debt. I grumbled about it while President Bush was in office until the economy crashed. So once our ecomony gets better, I'll be right there with you in wanting to lower the debt. But I just don't think we're at that point yet.


Dawn McCurry Shuler said...


I appreciate your apology for the approach you took. I have a bit of a sore spot, I suppose, when the assumption is made that one must be a Christian to be a Conservative. That's simply not true. If you can't tell by now, I'm a Goldwater Conservative which really puts me more in the Libertarian camp of political thought.

As for our economy, the Federal government is simply prolonging our misery with the attempt to jumpstart it by digging more debt. They really shouldn't be mutually exclusive undertakings. By stopping the effort to take over one-sixth of our economy via health insurance "reform," small businesses could feel more safe in expanding and putting people back to work. If government is to help our economy, they need to remove obstacles not create more by digging us into deeper debt and threatening the private sector.

...but that's just my non-Christian Conservative opinion, Tom. ;-)