Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reid Supporters Throw Eggs at Tea Party Express Buses

Folks, what can we say about this other than, "it figures." Unfortunately, I know firsthand that it takes almost nothing other than showing up with a different opinion than the Left to totally torque them. It's sad but it's true. The good news? I'll bet Harry Reid is the one with egg on his face in November. I'm grateful to the Tea Party Express folks and the thousands who turn out for this today. Wish I could be there! 

BREAKING: Harry Reid Supporters Egg Tea Party Express Buses in Route

Supporters of Senator Harry Reid have just thrown eggs at the Tea Party Express bus caravan - striking at least one of the three buses (the red Tea Party Express bus) with multiple eggs.


About 35 Reid supporters had lined Highway 95 in front of the Nugget Casino in Searchlight where they were attempting a counter-demonstration the tens of thousands of tea party supporters who are gathering for the "Showdown in Searchlight."


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