Friday, March 26, 2010

Showdown in Searchlight: Tea Party Supporters Already Arriving

I sure wish we could have helped throw Harry Reid out of office before the debacle he and the others in the triumvirate of evil (Pelosi and Obama) perpetrated on the American people. Oh well. Better late than never, I suppose!

I've seen this "Showdown in Searchlight" event referred to elsewhere as the "Conservative Woodstock" but the organizers have now confirmed it! It sounds like the camping part of the deal is accurate. I just hope there is no rain and no bad acid...  ;-)

MEDIA:  Tea Party Supporters Already Arriving for "Showdown in Searchlight"

Land Owner Invites Tea Party Activists to

"Camp Out" at Rally Site Starting Tonight (Friday Evening)

The "Showdown in Searchlight" mega tea party event is more than 24-hours away, yet supporters have already started arriving in Searchlight for the event.  In fact, the owner of the 160-acre property that the rally is being held on (Mr. T.D. Barnes) has invited supporters to come and camp out at the rally location beginning this evening (Friday, March 26th).

It doesn't get closer to a "Conservative Woodstock" than this.

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams aired a report on the upcoming rally on Thursday evening's broadcast, including an interview with a man who had just arrive for the rally... from Montana.  Watch the news report by NBC News' Lee Cowan - HERE:

Staging and equipment for the rally will also begin arriving this afternoon, and staff from the Tea Party Express will work with local coordinators to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible.

"We have untold thousands of people coming for what may be the biggest such rally in Nevada's history.  It might be crowded or chaotic at times, but it will be a profoundly meaningful and significant event for those who come join our tea party rally," said Ryan Gill of the Tea Party Express.

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