Friday, March 26, 2010

VIDEO: NBC Nightly News on "Showdown in Searchlight"

I really need you to read this email.  Please - it's critically important!

We urgently need you to join us in Searchlight, NV tomorrow (Saturday) and this email explains exactly why.

Last night NBC Nightly News joined dozens of other national & international news outlets to report on the upcoming "Showdown in Searchlight."  The whole world is watching - and I'm not exaggerating at all.

This is by far the biggest event in the tea party movement since Congress rammed through government-run heath care this past weekend.  And as a result, everyone is waiting to see if the tea party movement is reinvigorated or if we've resigned ourselves to defeat.  Here is what NPR had to say:

"This weekend will be critical for the Tea Party and conservatives," says David Yepsen of Southern Illinois University's Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.

And here was NBC Nightly News sending a correspondent to report from the rally site - 2 days before the rally even takes place:

But it wasn't just NBC and NPR.  CNN-Headline News had this report:



Here is the report from USA Today:

Still don't believe me that the whole world is watching?


Here's a report from the Washington Times.  Here's the report from the Las Vegas Sun.  And another report from the San Francisco Chronicle.  And there's a great report you must read from WorldNetDaily.

And there's even more.  Here's the report from AOL News.  And National Journal.  I could go on and on... this is just the tip of the iceberg, but I hope by now you get the point.


We need you in Searchlight this Saturday (tomorrow).  If you can get in your car and drive up, or hop on a plane, or take your motorhome or motorcycle, please please please join this historic effort.


Our team has worked so hard to make this event possible - backed by a coalition of dozens of national, state and local tea party and conservative organizations from ResistNet to AngerIsBrewing, our great friends at FreeRepublic and many more.  We promise you it will be an incredible experience.  It's already being called potentially one of the largest such rallies in Nevada's history.  And it hasn't even taken place yet.


Complete details on the "Showdown in Searchlight":


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