Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law Text; State Supports, Feds Resist » Right Pundits

Again with the hypocrisy?... Report on "Rightwing Extremists" but not on illegals?...

Read this great article on Janet Napolitano's hypocrisy with regard to the new Arizona State "Safe Neighborhoods" law. The article also includes a link to the text of the new state law. Read that as well. See for yourself. It seems to me nothing more than a strong state-level enforcement of the Federal laws that career-/party-focused politicians consistently ignore in their search for new voters.

Well done, Arizona! It's about time someone put some teeth into our alleged immigration laws. If my household recovers from Obama's economy in time to plan a vacation soon, we're on our way to visit your fine state! I hear the Grand Canyon is nice any time of year.

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