Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daniel Henninger: Democrats at the Edge of the Cliff -  
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A terrific opinion piece today in the WSJ! Think Bill Clinton reads the Journal?

"Demonization? No need. They did it to themselves."

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Media Mentions said...

Here's something to also keep in mind:

Dawn McShuler said...

Interesting article and, in other times a strategy like that might work. Unfortunately for the Dems, Obama has done too much damage to voter confidence at a rate that was hard to miss. Heck even the politically apathetic were jolted back to consciousness!

Democrats running for re-election have to remember that, when voters reached out to them, they chose party over constituencies. That choice was made at their own peril. Incumbents are going to be beaten mercilessly this year in midterms -- and not all of them will be Dems.