Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Guess who made Judicial Watch's "Ten Most Corrupt?"

Judicial Watch has announced its list of Washinton's "Ten Most Corrupt Politicians" for 2009. Guess who made the list? His Highness will NOT be pleased...
[Thanks for the heads-up on this one, Cindy!]


Anonymous said...


My biggest problem with Tea Party people is that they (you included) do not post logical solutions for obvious problems ... instead you Tea Party People post utter unfactual drivel from frightwinged websites like Judicial Watch. As a result you end up posting unfactual, half-truth Hatemongering. I mean, seriously, is hating the way to find common ground needed to SOLVE the obvious problems in this country?

You post via Judicial Watch
Judicial Watch's LIES vs. the TRUTH

1. Judical watch FALSE claims, "refusing to make public White House visitor logs"

TRUTH: If YOU or JW want to see the logs here - let me simplify for you go the the white house website & view those records:

2. JW FALSELY claims, "The Obama administration turned the National Endowment of the Arts (as well as the agency that runs the AmeriCorps program) into propaganda machines, using tax dollars to persuade "artists" to promote the Obama agenda.

FACT: Yosi Seargent - ON HIS OWN contacted the WH and violated NEA protocol. I hope you Tea Party realize the difference between Seargent's inappropriate behavior & pinning his behavior on the President (apparently JW cannot differentiate the two)

3. JW FALSELY claims, "President Obama has installed a record number of "czars" in positions of power. Too many of these individuals are leftist radicals who answer to no one but the president."

FACT: ALL Presidents have had czars that answer to no one but the President - as for "radical" czars - that is truly left up to an interpretation.

Bush 43 had 35 Czars and 47 number of appointees

Obama has 32 Czars and 8 number of appointees

(JW must not realize 35 is GREATER than 32)

4. JW Falsely accuses, "Government-run healthcare"

FACT: The govt is NOT running healthcare. The govt has REGULATED healthcare to a small degree.

5. JW Falsely accuses Obama of running "car companies,"

FACT: Dec 19, 2008 George W. Bush took over & bailed out GM & Chrysler $17.4 Billion.

Dec 19, 2008 GW Bush set up rules for the GM & Chrysler bailout that included the February 2009 deadline for reconstruction or get fired.

6 the rest of JW paranoid false claims, "uninvestigated ACORN corruption, debasing his office to help Chicago cronies, attacks on conservative media and the private sector, unprecedented and dangerous new rights for terrorists, perks for campaign donors"

FACT - rants nothing but unfounded rants
ACORN was investigated & it was found that the videos were DOCTORED and FALSE.

See Dawn, that's the problem with the Tea Party People ... they talk FALSE RANTS and RECREATE HISTORY and NEVER, EVER let facts get in the way of their false propaganda.

Anonymous said...

One more thing ...

The bank bailouts & financial bailouts started in March 2008 and ended in October 2008.

Guess who the President was in 2008?
Answer: Bush

Not one single bailout for a bank or otherwise has been issued under President Obama.


Anonymous said...

Since you Tea Party people CLAIM to be aghast and against government bailouts -- I thought you would enjoy the history of US Government bailouts (all of which is documented REAL history - not the made up history some people use)

In advance, I must say "look at all those republican bailouts - especially all those bailouts under Bush jr.." I must ask, "Where were YOUR tea party protests in the past?"

1) Penn Central Railroad (Nixon-R)
* In 1971, the government provided $676.3 million in loan guarantees

* In 1976, the federal government consolidated the still struggling Penn Central with five other railroad companies that were also failing to form Consolidated Rail, or Conrail. The government spent $19.7 billion, including roughly $7.7 billion for the initial investment, to keep Conrail operating.

* By 1981, Conrail began to earn a profit. The government sold Conrail in 1987 for $3.1 billion. In addition to the sale price, the Treasury received a $579 million dividend from Conrail.

2) Lockheed (Nixon-R) 1971
* In August 1971, Congress passed the Emergency Loan Guarantee Act, which could provide funds to any major business enterprise in crisis.

* Lockheed was the first recipient of $1.4 Billion. Its failure would have meant significant job loss in California, a loss to the GNP and an impact on national defense.

* By 1977, Lockheed had paid off its loans, and its dependency on the federal loan guarantees came to an end.

* The government earned about $112.22 million in loan fees.

3) Franklin National Bank (Ford - R) 1974
* 1974 In the first five months of 1974 the bank lost $63.6 million. The Federal Reserve stepped in with a loan of $1.75 billion
As the story behind Franklin National's failure unfolded, evidence emerged of corruption and shady business practices among the bank's executives -- several were eventually convicted.
* By 1981 the FDIC had sold Franklin assets worth about $5.1 billion. The agency was still owed another $185.3 million in interest.

4) New York City (Ford - R) 1975
* In 1975 President Ford signed the New York City Seasonal Financing Act, which released $2.3 billion in loans to the city
* Until 1986, the government continued using loan guarantees and direct loans to support the fiscally-troubled city. All the loans, loan premiums and fees have since been repaid.

5) Chrysler (Carter - D) 1980
* In 1980 the Chrysler Loan Guarantee Act was passed, which provided $1.5 billion in loans to rescue Chrysler from insolvency. In addition, the government's aid was to be matched by U.S. and foreign banks

* By 1983, seven years earlier than the scheduled deadline, Chrysler had paid back its loan with the aid of the guarantees from the U.S. government. The corporation bought back the 14.4 million stock warrants

* Because Chrysler's finances had improved and its stock had bounced back -- it reported $1.7 billion in profits for the second quarter of 1984 -- the government netted a profit of more than $660 million from its bailout investment.

6) Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company (Reagan -R) 1984
* 1984 Then the nation's eighth largest bank, Continental Illinois had suffered significant losses after purchasing $1 billion in energy loans from the failed Penn Square Bank of Oklahoma. The FDIC and Federal Reserve devised a plan to rescue the bank that included replacing the bank's top executives.

* It took the FDIC seven years to completely divest itself of Continental Illinois -- the bailout plan had given the government 80 percent ownership over the bank -- through the gradual sale of its share holdings. By 1991, Continental Illinois had been returned to the private sector, but the FDIC had suffered a $1.8 billion loss. Three years later BankAmerica Corp. acquired the bank.

Anonymous said...

7) Savings & Loan (H.W. Bush - R) 1989
* (psst google Neal Bush (son of HW Bush) involvement in the Savings & Loan crisis and how he helped CAUSE the crisis)
* President George H. W. Bush signed and Congress enacted the Financial Institutions Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act in 1989 and gave S&L $293.3 Billion.

* The Financial Institutions Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act authorized $293.8 billion dollars to finance the folding of numerous failed S&Ls.

The final tab for the bailout was roughly $220.32 billion. Of that total, taxpayers were responsible for about $178.56 billion; the private sector covered the rest.

8) Airline Industry (W. Bush - R) 2001
* President Bush signed into law the Air Transportation Safety and Stabilization Act, which compensated airlines for the mandatory grounding of aircraft after the attacks. The act released $5 billion in compensation and an additional $10 billion in loan guarantees or other federal credit instruments.

* The loan guarantee program suffered one loss of about $23.2 million when ATA Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection.

9) Bear Stearns (W. Bush - R) 2008
* Federal Reserve provided a $30 Billion credit line to ensure the sale of Bear Stern to JP Morgan could move forward.

* From that $30 Billion given to JP Morgan , Morgan purchased Bear Stearns for $236 million; (hmmm..... notice any taxpayer money loss? )

10) Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac (W. Bush - R) 2008
*On Sep. 7, 2008, Fannie and Freddie were essentially nationalized: placed under the conservatorship of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
* Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson put a ceiling of $100 billion for investments in each company. In February, 2008, Tim Geithner raised it to $200 billion.
* The money was authorized by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. $400 billion.

11) American International Group (A.I.G.) (W. Bush - R) 2008
* Initially gave $85 Billion credit line
* Treasury gave AIG another $70 Billion
* Fed Reserve gave AIG another $110 Billion.
* TARP gave AIG ANOTHER $40 Billion.

12) Auto Industry (W. Bush - R) 2008
* late September 2008, Congress approved a more than $630 Billion spending bill, which included a measure for $25 billion in loans to the auto industry.

* December 19, 2008 - President issued $17.4 Billion to bailout GM & Chrysler.

* December 19, 2008, Of the total, $13.4 billion will be paid out in December and January, administration officials told reporters in a briefing. The last $4 Billion was contingent on release of the second installment of the Wall Street bailout funds by Congress in February 2009

* Terms set that both companies had to provide viability & changes in structure before February, 2009 or they would lose the extra money.

13) Troubled Asset Relief Program (W. Bush - R) 2008
* In October 2008, Congress passed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, which authorized the Treasury Department to spend $700 billion to combat the financial crisis.

14) Citigroup (W. Bush - R) 2008
* Citigroup received a $25 billion investment through the TARP in October and another $20 billion in November. (That $45 billion is also included in the TARP total.)
* Additional aid has come in the form of government guarantees to limit losses from a $301 billion pool of toxic assets.
* In addition to the Treasury's $5 billion commitment, the FDIC has committed $10 billion and the Federal Reserve up to about $220 billion. $280 billion ?

15) Bank of America (W Bush - R) 2008
* Bank of America has received $45 billion through the TARP, which includes $10 billion originally meant for Merrill Lynch. (That $45 billion is also included in the TARP total.)
* In addition, the government has made guarantees to limit losses from a $118 billion pool of troubled assets.
* In addition to the Treasury's $7.5 billion commitment, the FDIC has committed $2.5 billion and the Federal Reserve up to $87.2 billion. $142.2 billion

Anonymous said...

See Dawn, now you realize why some of us, myself included, see the Teaparty people as a bunch of frauds.

Where were YOUR protest signs when the government was bailout corps in the past?

Where were YOUR accusations that the govt was "taking over" all those industries they bailed out in the past?

Where were YOUR protests that our tax dollars should not bailout industry?

Where were YOUR protests when tax cuts issued in 2001 went UNPAID for?

Where were YOUR accusations of a President having a conflict of interest when Bush Sr. Bailed out his SON'S (neal bush) Savings & Loan operation?

Where were YOUR protests when Neal Bush's company, Ignite! was the ONLY company in the country getting Million dollar contracts (no bid) to be the SOLE provider for the No Child Left Behind Test MANDATED by George Bush Jr to be given to ALL children in ALL schools in the country ANNUALLY?

Where were YOUR protests AGAINST the federal mandate No Child Left Behind? (Dems protested but not Tea Party People)

In fact, NOT only did NOT ONE SINGLE Tea Party person protest ANY of those things, Tea Party People called those who were protesting "Anti American for protesting against a President during War Time."

um ... aren't we still at war? Are YOU Anti-American for posting your unfactual half-truth drivel about an American President during war time?

As I say, you all are FRAUDS ... re-creators of history FRAUDS!