Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The plain truth about Israel

Our times are times of Jew hatred. Our times are times where hatred breeds strategic madness. Our times are times when we need to recall basic truths about Israel and the Jewish people. Specifically, we must remember that the US is privileged to count Israel as an ally - whether Americans like Jews and our state or hate us.
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I'm no fan of policies based on race or "diversity" training; however, I ask those on the Left, whatever happened to your precious "diversity" and "tolerance?" It's time to stop the bigotry and strategic blunders... either knock it off or wear your brown shirts right out in public like Helen Thomas did. The woman is hateful but at least she's open about it. The rest of us who value people not based on their religion or their race or their homeland but because they are human beings would like to be able to identify you bigots on sight. We can then shun you properly.

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