Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The "Private Option" -- this is REAL reform

From the Campaign for Liberty, here's what you need to know about HR 5444, the "Private Option Healthcare Act," that Congressman Ron Paul introduced last week --

Unlike the statists in Washington, the freedom movement understands that our health care is too important to be left to the whims of politicians and bureaucrats.

More Americans are realizing that the Obama administration's version of "change" means giving the federal government's corporatist allies even greater power, like rewarding insurance companies with millions of customers who will be forced to buy their product.

Legitimate reform starts with the principles found in two new bills introduced by Ron Paul.

H.R. 4995, the End the Mandate Act, repeals the recently-passed federal mandate requiring Americans to carry government-approved health insurance.

And just this past Thursday, Congressman Paul introduced H.R. 5444, the "Private Option Health Care Act," which would completely repeal ObamaCare and replace it with free market solutions. 

In sharp contrast to mandates and force, H.R. 5444 would:
  • Provide all Americans with a tax credit for 100% of health care expenses. The tax credit is fully refundable against both income and payroll taxes;
  • Allow individuals to roll over unused amounts in cafeteria plans and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA);
  • Provide a tax credit for premiums for high-deductible insurance policies connected with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and allow seniors to use funds in HSAs to pay for medigap policies;
  • Repeal the 7.5% threshold for the deduction of medical expenses, thus making all medical expenses tax deductible;
  • Guarantee individuals can purchase health insurance across state lines;
  • Permit a tax credit for negative outcomes insurance purchased before medical treatment, reducing expensive malpractice suits;
  • Reduce barriers to importing FDA-approved prescription drugs.

As Congressman Paul said in his speech introducing H.R. 5444, "the Private Option Health Care Act allows Congress to correct the mistake it made last month by replacing the new health care law with health care measures that give control over health care to individuals, instead of the federal government and politically-influential corporations."

Click here to get contact information for your representative.

Urge your congressman to strengthen our health care system by cosponsoring and fighting for a standalone, up or down vote on H.R. 5444, the Private Option Health Care Act, and H.R. 4995, the End the Mandate Act.

The same movement that gave Audit the Fed unprecedented momentum can achieve real reform in health care.

Contact Congress right away!

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