Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tea Party Member Attacked - Video

Who are the racist hate-mongers?... tell me again because with sh*t like this going on, I seriously doubt it's Tea Party members. Geez. If that was a white Tea Party guy who was throwing punches, you can be sure THIS video would have been ALL OVER the news.

I have felt threatened several times while protesting the Left but have never been punched in the face. This is reprehensible.

Here is more information from Uncoverage.

[Thanks for the heads-up on this, Mary!]


Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... don't you find it interesting that Tabor was ALSO charged with assault - I wonder why Tabor's assault was NOT caught on this video?

Dawn McShuler said...

No, Anonymous, I *don't* find it interesting that Tabor was also charged with assault. I find it typical, unfortunately. When the police don't witness an incident and the parties make contradictory claims, everyone get's charged and it all goes down in the report. Are you really that naive? Have you never been on the street to protest?

If that's all you can say about a union thug who assaults another American who is out exercising his right to assemble and his right to free speech, you are seriously in some kind of denial. What will it take before you wake up and realize that *your own* rights are being mugged from you while you're busy defending the muggers.

Anonymous said...


I am afraid I am not naive. You see, the judge is the one who charged Tabor. Clearly the tape you provided was edited. We won't know the truth until the truth comes out in court.

I find it amazing that someone like YOU, who claims to want to bring this country back to "individual freedoms" is ready to 'convict' the "union thug" after you see an edited video ... before ALL the facts come out ... hmmm...

What ever happened to the "individual freedoms" in the 5th, 6th & 14th Amendment - due process - innocent until PROVEN guilty? I suppose you don't want that "union thug" to have HIS individual freedoms ... but you keep marching to protect YOURS - even though you have not lost ANY individual freedoms.

Yeah, convict a guy, call him a thug, based off of a edited video - screw his individual freedoms, right Dawn.

Like I said, just because the "thug" told the cops one thing is NOT the reason Tabor was charged by the JUDGE.

Dawn McShuler said...

Why not just read the story from a local NC paper and stop defending the indefensible behavior of one guy?


If anyone had acted threatening around people I care about, I would have stood in the way too -- with a camera in hand to be sure it was caught on video if anything happened. If I was subsequently charged with assault because of it, fine; however, you can be sure I circulate the video of the incident, edited or not.

Do I want that ass-wipe thug to have his day in court? Absolutely. Am I judging for myself whether the guy is guilty of assault? ABSO-FRIGGIN-LOUTELY! I saw it firsthand on video. (I've seen things come VERY close to that kind of behavior myself locally during Bush era protests.) I see how the evidence could be more clear.

Your attempted defense of such behavior with the "he started it," or the victim-as-perpetrator scenario is ridiculous. It's simply a great example of LIBERAL INTOLERANCE for diversity of opinion.

I have seen people protesting on the street with whom I would never agree; however, that does not compel me to walk over to them and cause trouble. Protesters have a right to peacefully express themselves without being threatened. As a passerby, it's my right to disregard them.

In addition, if I'm shoved by someone, should I punch him in the face? Nope. I was raised better than that and so were you.

Why defend the actions of someone like that, Dennis? Why not let it go and understand that the guy who punched Tabor is a thug? Anyone who resorts to violence like that is simply a thug who does not deserve to be defended by others who know how to behave in a polite society.

Anonymous said...


Thought I'd give you an update on the Tea Party protester (Tabor) and the so-called "union thug"

Tea Party protester Nathan Tabor charged with criminal assault. After North Carolina authorities investigated the June 9th fracas both men were charged with assault. Clearly the video was not the only evidence in this case. Mr Governor Spencer claims of being pushed around (attacked) by Mr Tabor's wife must have had merit.

Mr. Tabor's wife never pressed charges against Spencer even though Nathan Tabor claims that's what started the fight ... hmmm... I wonder why Mrs. Tabor did not file charges?

If both men plead not-guilty on July 7 hearing, Mrs. Tabor will most likely have to take the stand.

See Dawn, I prefer to see what happens in COURT and see the evidence BEFORE I pass a conviction on an "individual" because he/she has "individual freedoms" that should not be infringed upon.

After the court hearing, I'll let you know my opinion on the incident ... just note, my opinion will be based off of FACTS and not just a spliced edited video.

Anonymous said...


Your ...um ... comment to me is astonishing.

I never said I am against protesting. I never said people should engage protesters. I never said anyone should ever assault anyone.

But ... am I going to "judg[e] for myself whether the guy is guilty of assault" after ONLY seeing an edited video? NO! And neither should anyone else who TRULY cares about "individual freedoms" Dawn.

The sole reason we have the 5th, 6th & 14th Amendment is because our Founding Fathers did NOT want us to "judge if a guy is guilty" based off of anything but FACTS .... NOT videos can be edited, NOT possible half-truths told to reporters ...

I have said it before & I will say it again, Tea Party people are FRAUDS .... YOU want YOUR individual freedoms ... YOU want to "take your country" back to what the Founders wanted ... YET ... YOU are the 1st to "judge guilt" without have ALL the FACTS. You are the first to "convict" without giving the man his day in court - which is what the Founders were AGAINST when they gave us 5th & 6th Amendment.

So, you enjoy your tea and the teaspoons of fraud you swirl in it. I will CONTINUE to defend Tabor's rights & Spencer's rights until BOTH of them have laid out the facts in a court room ...as MY Founders of MY country would want me to do.

Anonymous said...

One more thing Dawn

YOU WROTE: "Your attempted defense of such behavior with the "he started it," or the victim-as-perpetrator scenario is ridiculous. It's simply a great example of LIBERAL INTOLERANCE for diversity of opinion."


I never, ever - in any of my posts used the defense "he started it." Did you post that to make yourself feel better for convicting a man without knowing all the facts first? Does it make you feel better to falsely accuse me of alleging "he started it" - when I clearly NEVER even implied such a thing?

My posts were consistent that I don't know the facts of what went on when the camera was NOT rolling. I don't know what was edited out. I find it interesting that if Tabor was as innocent as the edited tape makes him appear that he was charged by the magistrate.

I don't know if BOTH men deserve to be charged or if one man deserves to be charged ... and neither do YOU ...

Like I said, Dawn, unlike YOU, . I will CONTINUE to defend Tabor's rights & Spencer's rights until BOTH of them have laid out the facts in a court room ...as MY Founders of MY country would want me to do.

um ... what do YOU think the Founders would want YOU to do?