Saturday, May 19, 2007

Congratulations, France!

...and welcome back to the real world where capitalism, self-empowerment, and independence are wonderful assets to be admired and respected. France has elected a Conservative reformer, Nicolas Sarkozy, as President replacing one of the worst presidents in European history.

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For those of you who may have forgotten your US history, France was a great ally for the fledging United States during our fight for freedom. Now, after all these years, it seems our old friends may be back. Will they truly become a great ally to the United States once again? Who knows, really, but it will be very interesting to follow what happens there now.

I've often wondered why the French people seemed content to settle for a mediocre (at best) economy when there are so many wonderful things produced there, so much to see, so many great minds. It seemed such a waste. I suspect that socialistic economies like France's only breed laziness. How else can you explain an exorbitant tax and jobless rate without the people rioting in the streets to oust the root of the problem? Evidently, the French prefer to wait for their presidential elections to make their voices heard -- and heard they were, around the world!

A French colleague at work told me last week that his mother was already complaining to him about the looming 40-hour workweek. He said he laughed at that and told her 40 hours would be a breeze compared to all the hours we put in over here. I'm sure she was not comforted much by that remark!

Congratulations, Nicolas Sarkozy! Well done, France!

By the way, Chirac, President Bush asked me to be sure to post his best wishes to you on your departure from office...


Anonymous said...

here ye here ye! No more jumping up and down like children demanding life time jobs!

Dawn said...

Lifetime jobs? WHERE?! I'd love to get me one of dem! Although, let's get real about this. A lifetime job absolutely MUST provide a salary above the average middle-class income, and posh benefits like free lifetime healthcare, personal chef, 24-hour maid service, and a personal trainer... otherwise, I'm rioting in the streets!! ;-)