Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Congratulations, Governor Fletcher!

The results are still unofficial but I'd like to congratulate Governor Fletcher and his team for winning the GOP gubernatorial primary today. They were certainly up against some fierce competition and pulled the rabbit out of the hat today.

Obviously, some of us in the party -- I don't think I've been shy about expressing my discontent here -- became quite disenchanted with the governor because of the way he handled hiring. Yes, Stumbo's witch-hunt was obvious; however, there should NEVER have been an opening for a "hiring probe" in the first place. Hiring buddies, even though the Dems have done it for decades, was never meant to be part of "cleaning up Frankfort."

I won't apologize for being upset with the lapse in "tidiness" or the blanket pardons within the Fletcher administration. I don't feel the least bit bad about supporting Billy Harper's candidacy. I had hoped to see a change in leadership styles from career politician to private businessman. Obviously, I was among only 13+% who desired such a change.

Ah well. Politics is a horse race. I simply hope that Fletcher can carry this win all the way through the general election in the fall. A double crown, maybe?

Thanks for a race well-run to both Anne Northup and Billy Harper. You both kept it lively and sparked good debates within your own party.

Good luck and all best in the fall to Governor Fletcher and the GOP!

Dems, how did you feel about the results of your primary? I really was hoping to see Lunsford and Harper paired up for the general. Call me silly, I guess.


Anonymous said...

help stan lee in jefferson county

Dawn said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "help stan lee," Anonymous. Are you looking for blog time or volunteers? I get a lot of the press releases from the different campaigns and need to catch up on the GOP nominees from the down-ticket races.

What should Kentucky Conservatives know about Stan Lee?

Anonymous said...

Dawn, A little late in my reply to your post here ... I am a dem and was NOT supporting Beshear and still do NOT support Beshear.

As futile as my "wish" was, I was kind of hoping for Gatewood and Harper going into Nov. I think the two would have shown great talent without being negative about the other. Unfortunately, Beshear won the Primary ... oh well, it's not the first time the guy I voted for lost --

Dawn said...

I'm sorry to hear your vote didn't get the candidate of your choice either, Anon. It's always a bummer when others don't have the same common sense we have! ;-)

Between you and me... I voted for Gatewood in 2004 over the Republican candidate. Couldn't bear to vote for the GOP candidate for AG that time and Gatewood seemed like a fun choice!

Ah well. Here's a toast (raising my Warsteiner to ya) to the independent thinkers at the polls, eh? ;-) Cheers!