Monday, June 11, 2007

Creature Comforts is simply the bee's knees!

I missed the debut of "Creature Comforts" last week but was determined to catch it this evening. I am soooo glad I did -- what an absolute hoot!

The show is delightful. It's a half-hour of the opinions of average Americans on topics such as visits to the doctor, lies, animal magnetism, art, and self-image presented to the audience through stop-motion animation of clay animals... bumble bees with the stereotypical Brooklyn accent, pigs with a southern twang, penguins guessing what flying must be like, a polar bear whose biggest secret is that he never learned to swim, porcupines discussing the fear of needles, a hippo talking about the irritation of being weighed at the doctor's office by a skinny nurse... I cannot even begin to describe how funny the choice of animal and activity are when synched with the human opinion and commentary elicited from simple questions.

If you're a fan of Nick Park's Wallace and Gromit animations, you absolutely MUST see this show! (Note: You can watch the first episode online by clicking the "Video" link here.)

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