Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kentuckians don't care about illegal immigration?

What?! Who the heck says so? Well, folks, I hear through the grapevine that Kentucky's senior Senator has directly stated or implied as much to concerned callers who are hoping to dissuade Mitch McConnell from his efforts to revive Senate Bill 1348.

This bill is disastrous to all Americans who care about the laws of this country. Any American who thinks it actually means something to become an American ought to be angry as hell about the push for this bill from the president and others in the GOP. If you haven't been following this battle closely, read NumbersUSA's summary and analysis of the bill and the battle surrounding it -- it's very enlightening. NumbersUSA's website has all the info you need to put pressure on senators to kill this bill or end their wavering stance on it. It's a great resource for those of us who care about the future of our country.

As Senator McConnell continues to help the President in an effort to ram a totally unsatisfactory "immigration reform" bill down our throats, I hope he bears in mind that he is up for re-election in 2008. THIS Kentuckian certainly DOES care about illegal immigration. (Check out McConnell's report card from the folks at NumbersUSA. It's not good.)

While Mitch is busy calling in favors from other Republicans in an effort to get this bill done for the president, Senator Jim Bunning has been holding the line AGAINST this bill and, once again, listening to his constituents. Check out Bunning's report card in comparison to McConnell's. Terrific work, Senator Bunning! Thank you for understanding the people you represent and holding the line for us.

I'm am absolutely furious with McConnell's behavior the past year or so. He has shown nothing but utter disregard for the people he represents. Our voices are not being heard through his actions on the Hill. I was proud to have one of our senators in a leadership position during this session of Congress; however, I now wish that it had been Senator Bunning and not McConnell.

If Senator McConnell continues to help try to revive and pass this bill, I will vote for any Conservative (regardless of party) who has a strong anti-illegal immigration stance who challenges McConnell for the seat in '08. If there are no true Conservatives challenging McConnell in '08, I'll do something that I have never done before -- ignore a race on my ballot.

A group of fine Americans known as The Minutemen who saw a need and stepped in to fill it were called "vigilantes" by President Bush last year for their efforts to secure our southern border; that jab against fine Americans was inexcusable in my eyes. I hope Senator McConnell will note that The Minutemen now have a chapter in Kentucky... Kentucky? Why, Kentuckians don't care about illegal immigration... do they?...

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