Monday, June 11, 2007

?Que pasa, el Presidente?

Congratulations on the terrific work so far by NumbersUSA and the alert American people on stopping cloture on Senate Bill S. 1348 (the negotiated substitute for the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007")! Way to go folks!!

Here are the roll call votes on the cloture motion. I am happy to note that our two Senators voted Nay. Nice job, fellas. This constituent certainly appreciates your support.

This bill is best left dead on the side of the road for the vultures. While the vultures feast on the dead bill, however, whaddaya say we get busy on building that fence and enforcing our borders? Hmmm?...

It seems to me that public opinion of the initial immigration reform bill has dipped unfavorably as Americans are educated on its provisions. Probably for the first time EVER, I want Congress to do absolutely nothing. NADA.

It's time to promote stronger enforcement of our current immigration laws. The federal government is doing a mediocre job (at best) of enforcing the current laws. The only "reform" necessary at this point is a stronger northern and southern border to staunch the flow of illegal immigrants. After we get enforcement well in hand, then we might talk about other issues surrounding immigration. For now, staunch the flow of illegal immigration. Enforce, enforce, enforce. It's really that simple.

President Bush has continued to rankle a large group of Conservatives (myself included) with his drive for "comprehensive immigration reform" that includes a whole new class of immigrant (MORE government bureaucracy) and what amounts to amnesty for those who broke our laws to get here. All of this while our borders are STILL wide open to more illegal immigration. Where's the fence? Where are the troops?

El Presidente might rate more favorably on this issue in Mexico and Canada than he does here. Vicente Fox and anyone with illegal entry on his/her mind have no better friend right now; unfortunately, the American people have no worse enemy with regard to securing our borders. It's sad to see and I'm sorry to have to say it.

I truly think that there's not a human being on this planet who can say (with a straight face) that "illegal immigration is good for this country." It's not only bad for this country, it's bad for the illegal workers who put their sweat and blood into work for which they have no legal protections. Look, any criminal breaking the laws of this country will absolutely be taken advantage of by vultures promoting this type of lawlessness with phrases such as "doing the work Americans won't do." The reward for those who "do the work?" Poor pay and poorer conditions and no protection from these vultures. There is no need to continue turning our heads to this just for sake of cheap lettuce. Is that really a choice we want to make as a citizenry?

The next time President Bush and his "comprehensive immigration reform" crowd are asked "?Que pasa?" I hope to heck they answer, "Nada."

Keep up the good work, NumbersUSA and concerned Americans!


ScottG said...

The sad thing is, the President doesn't want to take no for an answer and still pushes for this bill.

Unfortunately, Land Office Harry is my senior Senator and he's willing to keep bringing it up. Fortunately my other Senator is a R, but he's voted wrongly first and now votes no.

I hope it's the pressure from the faxes and phone calls.

I really don't understand why this bill keeps getting pushed during wartime?

Dawn said...

I agree, Scott. You'd think that with a war on, borders would be locked down like Fort Knox and immigration would be more earnestly enforced. It's beyond me, really. I don't get it.

Worse yet, I don't like it. I just posted about Peggy Noonan's article in the Opinion Journal. She writes so well and puts all of this in perspective. These are the things that have been eating at me too and she nails them. The Bushes are, for whatever reason, just not fully onboard with Conservatism. Evidently, they haven't been fully onboard all along.

I sure hope we do better in '08 with a true Conservative as our nominee. I can't stomach yet another "compassionate" faux-Conservative. Ack!!

Oh, and by the way, my condolences on having to claim Dirty Harry as your senior senator! Geez. Ours here in Kentucky has been a little less than stellar though. McConnell is a Republican but he's been towing Bush's line on all the immigration stuff. It's discouraging. Grrrr.