Monday, June 18, 2007

Syria Misses Sheehan

It's sad, isn't it? Cindy Sheehan left the Democratic party and ended her fight to end the war in Iraq. I, for one, will miss her. (No, not really; I'm being facetious.) I'm sure there are many more on the far Left in this country who will miss her but none more than the Syrians. WHAT? Did you just read what you thought you read?... yep.
[...] Cindy Sheehan has long been considered an example of how a [single] person [can] lead a campaign to change the outlook and position of a strong regime, like the American one, and she has long been a beacon for all those who defend liberty and justice in the world. The news of her retirement [from public life] caused [us] to lose hope, [but] when I read her clearly reasoned letter of resignation [from the anti-war movement], I understood the extent of her difficulty. [...]
Read the full dispatch from the Middle East Media Research Institute for more eye-opening opinions from Syria.

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