Thursday, August 23, 2007

Freedom's Watch

I was contacted recently via email in a blogger outreach program run by Vigilant Freedom regarding the new ad campaign being launched by Freedom's Watch in an effort to help the average American understand what victory means and why it's important.

I'd like to share with you part of that email message:

Today, those of us who believe we must win the war on terror have an extraordinary opportunity. Freedom’s Watch has released several moving and emotional commercials to major television and radio outlets from veterans and their families - people who have given the ultimate sacrifice. will talk a lot about quitting and giving up in Iraq. But what they won’t discuss – and in truth, what they just don’t care about – is the overwhelming cost of U.S. and Iraqi lives and security if we give up too soon and lose this war.
I heard one of the ads airing on a local talk radio station this afternoon and saw that same ad on television this evening. That ad was thought-provoking and it should give every American pause... Do we really want to see these intensely personal sacrifices by patriotic Americans become meaningless via surrender? Can we really afford to have American defeat molded by Leftists who are more concerned with political races here in the states than with defeating the global plague of Islamofascism, a plague that threatens to swallow the civilized world whole?

This is the ad I heard and then saw today:

Watch other heartwrenching testimonies of Iraq veterans and their families on YouTube.

Then please call 1-877-222-8001 and tell your Member of Congress that defeat is NOT an option; Victory is America's only choice!

For more information on these ads and the organization behind them, please visit Freedom’s Watch.

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