Monday, September 10, 2007

Briefing for America -- Thank You, Fox News!

After the sham political theatre to which General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker were subjected in a Congressional "hearing" today, I was relieved to find Brit Hume doing a thoughtful and thorough interview with these two gentlemen this evening ("Briefing for America").

How refreshing to be able to hear them both fully without the windy grandstanding from politicians! Thank you, thank you, thank you Fox News, Brit Hume, General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker! I feel more informed and less harrassed tonight after watching this special broadcast.

For those of you who would like a glimpse at how General Petraeus portrays the current state of affairs in Iraq to his troops, click here. (Thank you for publishing this,!) Frank, respectful, and honorable. I think those words are probably ones you would hear from troops serving with General Petraeus too.

Here's the good news as far as I could tell: The surge is working; because of the increased number of troops, the local leaders in provinces throughout Iraq have felt more secure in taking a stand against the insurgency (whether it be al Qaeda or Iran-led). Even though legislative benchmarks have not all been met, the specific actions that were to be legislated (such as oil revenue sharing and de-Baathification) are taking place on the ground throughout Iraq. This is the best news we can hope for at this time in history. We have asked a lot of the Iraq legislature in a very short period of time politically and historically speaking. To all involved (General, Ambassador, multi-national forces, US troops, and Iraqis), I say keep up the good work!

Look, I think today was a turning point for me... I am sick to death of all the political posturing and the juvenile dismissal of the information that the White House was asked to provide to Congress by the very politicians who dismissed a fine General's testimony today as being "Bush's Report." I am tired of the childish, immature attitudes on display in our nation's capitol. Congress, YOU asked the White House for this report and it was provided to you by a fine American, a well-respected General who is far more qualified than any of you to make this assessment.

Someone, anyone, please tell me when Americans become such short-sighted juvenile idiots?? These were American "adults" today who grandstanded, who paid to have a full page print ad attack an American patriot for doing his job, who interrupted the proceedings today with nonsense... what has become of the respectable American thinker?! Where has the mature sensibility of the American pioneer, the American patriot gone? Since when did we start thinking of withdrawal as an option?! Where is the American spirit of victory?

Some random notes/thoughts/links:

For a very accurate representation of my own personal opinion, listen to Ann Coulter put it plainly here.

Why is it you can only hear the voice of pro-victory veterans on Fox?... Thanks, Sergeant Martinez. It's nice to know that the troops fighting the tough fight understand what needs to be done both here and in Iraq!

See all of the video of any importance from today's testimony regarding the progress of the troop surge at Fox News.

It seems to me that a large number of the Dems today fall right into this sort of "I stand on the side of defeat" that is portrayed almost daily by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV). So, have a look at two portraits -- the first of the sour, dour, focused on defeat Senator Reid himself and then, the second, which represents my opinion of Reid as expressed so eloquently by Dennis Miller:

Reid on CNN

...and now, Dennis Miller on Reid (BRAVO, Dennis!!!)

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