Monday, September 17, 2007

Keeping the Anti-Amnesty dream alive -- Bravo, Bunning!

I am so very proud to announce that one of Kentucky's two Senators is officially a champion of fighting amnesty for illegal aliens -- Bravo, Senator Bunning!! Thank you for representing this Kentuckian so well.

For those of you who don't follow the illegal immigration issue as closely, be advised that many Republican senators who backed down when it came time to take action on the McCain/Kennedy "comprehensive reform" this summer are now quietly backing piecemeal amendments instead. Sneaky and very un-Conservative of you, Senators!

Senator McConnell has yet to declare his intention. I would assume, based on his track record, that he will back these smaller amendments unless he hears from his Kentucky constituency. He will certainly be hearing from me tonight.

One of those aforementioned piecemeal amendments is coming up for a vote this week attached to a DoD funding bill. It's called the "DREAM Act" (Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors). A dream for illegals but a nightmare for citizens, if you ask me. This amnesty basically provides for an illegal to claim that he/she has been in the States since before their 16th birthday to claim public assistance/federal funds for college tuition. Nice, eh? VDare does a nice dissection of this amendment. Do yourself a big favor and read this post.

Where does your senator stand? Does he/she need to hear from you? If you are anti-amnesty, your senator probably DOES need to hear from you immediately. NumbersUSA will help you contact him/her for free. Take action; don't leave it up to those sneaky Republican senators to do the right thing... they are notorious for letting us down on this particular issue!

If this DREAM amendment doesn't get your blood boiling over the way illegal aliens are being treated to our tax dollars via social services and education, watch this News Channel 5 (KRGV in Texas) investigative report. It's a wake-up call for anyone living in Texas, that's for sure! My thanks to Tammy for sending this my way! ...By the way, Tammy, you're right; it did p*ss me off! ;-)

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