Friday, September 21, 2007

Columbia's School of Hypocrisy

I have to wonder why Columbia University would invite the man who is waging a proxy war against our troops and killing Americans on a regular basis to speak... The same militantly religious zealot who ships IEDs into Iraq... what might Columbia's students learn from his speech?

This is the same school which denies American military recruiters access to its student body, which (I believe) bans the American ROTC from having a chapter on its campus, yet INVITES AN ISLAMOFACIST to speak to its student body. What type of recruiting might Columbia be endorsing?! Hypocrites.

(Congrats to our troops for pulling Iranian Qud in for questioning! Nice work, guys!)


MonkfishOnCape said...

Hypocrisy? How about the President and faculty at Duke concerning the wrongly charged lacrosse players. As far as they are concerned even innocence is not a defense to false charges by a drugged out black prostitute against middle class white males.

Dawn said...

I hear ya, Monkfish. I called it a "school of hypocrisy" because the president of Columbia claimed to favor free speech. Not so much, eh?

The only speech that's free on campus these days is speech from the radical Left. It's disgusting that so many "institutes of higher learning" have become nothing more than Marxist echo chambers. I fart in their general direction!