Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Anti-Sanctuary Cities Amendment Vote Lost

I am sorry to report that the battle to help push the aye votes on Senator Vitter's amendment to end the practice of "sanctuary city" policies by state and local governments was lost tonight.

For now, cities can continue to break federal law without consequence. They can order their police not to report illegal aliens, even though federal law says such orders are illegal. The Clinton and Bush Justice Departments have refused to enforce the law. Tonight, 52 Senators decided against threatening the loss of federal funds if those cities don't end their illegal sanctuary policies.

This was an embarrassing display by the Democratic Party. All but one of the Democratic votes protected the ability of outlaw cities to protect illegal aliens from detention (and, thus, to protect the oulaw businesses that hire them). Only Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana broke with the Senate Democratic leadership's almost constant endorsement of illegal immigration. Even though we lost this battle, thank you for standing with those of us who believe in the rule of law, Senator Landrieu!

Joining the Democrats were six Republicans who almost always support illegal immigration: Specter of Pennsylvania, Lugar of Indiana, Hagel of Nebraska, Stevens of Alaska, and then Collins and Snowe from Maine which is essentially a sanctuary state. Shame on every one of these Republicans!

Next battle: DREAM amnesty... Yes, again. Will it never end?!

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