Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it!

It is my sincerest hope that Kentuckians who intend to make informed decisions at the polls this November are not relying on the mainstream media in this state to enlighten them on anything of substance with regard to the actual merit hiring probe that Beshear's campaign is using to smear Governor Fletcher.

If it weren't for the folks at Conservative Edge, none of us would find much real enlightenment with regard to the much trumpeted "merit hiring probe" that resulted in endictments to some in Governor Fletcher's administration. It appears now that the person who implemented the "pre-selection" process at the heart of the matter is the same person who lodged the complaint with the state Attorney General. Hmmm... Vast Leftwing Conspiracy? Shocking, isn't it?!

... "Last week, CE reported that Missy McCray had testified that Doug Doerting himself had implemented the "pre-selection" process in the Transportation Cabinet that formed the basis of his complaint to Attorney General Stumbo about Governor Fletcher violating the merit hiring system. McCray also testified that the "pre-selection" of job recipients had been happening under the Patton administration and Doerting knew about it, but never complained to anyone that it was illegal.


CE is at a loss to explain why the state's two largest newspapers and the AP have failed to report on this issue. The information is all in a public forum. Considering their interest in the story when it was damaging to Governor Fletcher, their lack of professional curiosity leads to at least one conclusion. The editors and policy makers at those three leading news organizations don't want the general public to know the full story before the gubernatorial election in November. We'll entertain any other plausible explanations." ...

Thanks for keeping your nose in the news that matters, Conservative Edge! You're keeping Kentucky media honest -- a dirty job but somebody has to do it -- and we love you for it!!

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