Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Michael Yon -- Gimme the truth any day!

If you've never visited Michael Yon's website, you have been missing what is probably the best on-going, first hand narrative of our war against Islamofascism both in Iraq and Afghanistan. I trust Michael Yon's words far more than I trust reports from any mainstream news outfit.

From Michael Yon's email yesterday:

... "I've just spent 10 days on the Iran-Iraq border with an excellent British Battle Group called "4 Rifles." We truly were living under the desert stars.

I am currently in Basra. There are reports that Basra is in chaos. [Link mine.]

These reports are false. Basra is mostly peaceful; the British have not lost a soldier in combat for more than a month, and Iraqi-on-Iraqi violence has plummeted in the last six weeks or so.

The British have NOT pulled out of Iraq or Basra yet, but from what I can see, their force reduction decisions are militarily and politically sound, and are supported by top American commanders in Baghdad.

The news reports I am seeing about Basra are incomplete at best, and largely inaccurate. (Reminds me of Mosul during 2005.)" ...

Read Michael's latest dispatch "Under Distant Stars." Kleenex alert -- you're going to need at least one in hand.

Thanks for all the great writing, Michael. ConservaChick encourages everyone who can afford to donate a few dollars to send them Michael's way. He writes freelance to keep this war and the stories from it very, very real for those of us who care about the truth.

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