Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stark raving mad, I tell you!

Fortney Hillman Stark, Jr. is stark raving mad. I base my statement on the video below.

This nonsensical diatribe from Pete Stark (D CA-13) was spewed on the floor of the House today during the Democrats' attempt to override President Bush's veto of the SCHIP bill. (That vote failed, thank goodness.)

I'm embarrassed to admit this but... yours truly used to live in Pete Stark's district in California. (ACK!) Yep, this clown was MY representative in Congress. *sigh* Fortunately, that was many years ago now and I don't recall him embarrassing himself and his constituency back then.

It is obvious to me that Rep. Stark (D CA-13) needs to be removed from his post. The man has obviously lost his marbles. He has not only embarrassed himself and his constituency but he has insulted our men and women in uniform serving this country along with our Commander-in-Chief.

Congressman Stark, dementia has obviously set into that 76-year-old brain of yours; it's time to retire or get booted out. Even in the Liberal Disneyland of California, there are pockets of sanity and respectability -- Fremont, Pleasanton, etc. are saner areas of Stark's district. I would expect that those folks will not be too keen to see this bozo re-elected. He is, after all, Stark raving mad I tell you!

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