Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Worth More than 1,000 Words

I received the following headlines and photos via email a few days ago. I'm sure many of my Conservative readers have seen this already but, since some of ConservaChick's friends are probably NOT on the Conservative distribution list, I thought I'd share it here as well.

This is how a US Senator looks upon a crook:

["Why Norm! Is that a bundle in your pocket or are ya just happy to see me?!"]

...and, this is how a US Senator looks upon an American hero:

["I see no bundle in your pocket, General Petraeus. Are you not happy to see me?"]

These pictures are worth more than a thousand words. They those of us who value our military heroes everything we need to know about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton regime.

[Thanks for sending this my way, Mom!]


Tammy said...

Picture number one... reminds me of the scene in Natl Lampoons Vegas Vacation where the old guy wins the keeno at the end. "I won! I won da money! Money, money, money! I won!"

Picture number two... probably how she looks at Bill when he lights up a cigar. lol

Rich said...

You forgot to put up the photos of Bush and Jack, or Cheney and Scooter...

Of course, you didn't forget, your bias just runs one way!

Just like you'll delete this message, as god forbid people recognize that the donkey and elephant are equally corruptible, statistics lie, as do photos of people standing side by side.

There's this old saying involving, let me see, stones and glass houses...

Dawn said...

Well Rich, first of all let me say thank you for posting a comment and actually using a name! Kudos! It's not often that "drive by" readers bother to make themselves seem more like the rest of us (presentable).

I would imagine that when you saw the name of my blog ("ConservaChick") you didn't immediately think to yourself, "Now THERE'S an unbiased blogger!" Am I correct?

Of course I'm biased! I make no bones about it. I believe WHOLEHEARTEDLY that Conservatism is the one political ideology that honors the spirit of individualism that makes this country exceptional among the countries and nation states of the world. I am DEFINITELY not unbiased in that respect.

Do I think that GOP politicians are any less corruptible than Dem politicians? Nope. I am a realist. Big money makes big friends. It's a fact and it's here to stay. However, because my blog is my realm, I get to choose my jabs when I write new posts. Truth be told, I am totally convinced of the corruptness of the Clinton machine and it's connection with China. It's no mistake that all those "bundled" contributions were from poor Chinese immigrants.

It's obvious to me that you're a "drive by" reader, Rich. You taunt me as if you expect me to censor your commentary. I suppose you're not aware of my "No Censorship" policy at ConservaChick. I do not, nor will I ever, censor the comments section of my blog. I think it's best to let comments stand as their own testament to the intellect of those who choose to comment. So, my new found friend, feel free to rant any time you like about the white-male imposed slavery of others to the corporate machine, about how America is a bully unworthy of respect, and about how American society is unjust to "free thinkers." I'll never censor a single comment. The comments section is your soap box; step on up any time! Enjoy yourself.

Thanks for stopping by, Rich.