Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You've broken my heart, Newt!

I suppose he'll be doing what he does best and it will be good for the GOP; however, I must admit that I'm heartbroken. I really, really, really wanted to vote for President Newt Gingrich in the general election in '08. Dang it.
... "Gingrich also announced that he would not be running for the Republican nomination in the upcoming 2008 presidential election. Because of the McCain-Feingold law, passed by Congress in 2002, Gingrich could not lead American Solutions and simultanously run as a presidential nominee." ...
I hear that Newt likes Mike Huckabee. I'm glad to have my pick in this horse race validated by Newt; I like Mike too. I suppose I'll be disappointed after the primary but I'm going to have to stick with the next best choice to Newt. Huckabee reflects my values and my issues and I'll be voting for him in the primary.

Pass the tissues, Newt and go get 'em, Mike!


Anonymous said...

I'm a dem who wondered during the Repub debate "Which one would I vote for if I had to?" I've got admit, that I like Huckabee, too.

Looks like we're both not getting the candidates we want. Watching Newt vs Gore would have been a peachy race!

Lee said...

You know, I'm leaning towards Huck as well. Being in Ky I'll have absolutely no say on the issue, but oh well.

The Real Sporer said...

We needed Newt as bad as Jeannie needs a shooter.

I still predict that Huck is going to do surprisingly well in Iowa-I think 3rd or 4th. Not at all shocked to see a cluster between 18%-25% with Huck right in that mix.

Dawn said...

Anon, as a Dem, what makes you like Huckabee among the Conservative candidates? I'm really curious about that. I think it's impressive that you watched the Republican debates. THAT is open-mindedness and probably the very thing that's missing these days from the arena of political debate. Thanks for that comment and I hope you'll share more.

I hear ya, Lee. It sure sucks being in one of the states that holds a primary after the other primaries have "picked the winner" for us! Unless he comes off the ballot, I do believe I'll be casting my vote for Huckabee in May. Even if it seems like a throw-away vote, I would have to do it out of principle.

Sporer, what does that mean: " bad as Jeannie needs a shooter?" I'm SO clueless that it's embarrassing! ;-) I can't help but ask.

I sure hope your prediction is right. I'd like to see Huckabee show at least 3rd place in Iowa. Huck needs to do well since he's my FairTax candidate. Someone's got to be rewarded for thinking correctly on the tax reform issue!

cmercer8 said...

I am a big Huckabee supporter. Thanks for helping to get the word out.