Saturday, November 10, 2007

One more... just for the Marines

I tried and tried but I simply could NOT resist posting this quote that was sent to me by Joe who lives in the heart of darkness (that's Boston, MA -- Liberal Land to the layperson).

Marines, on the occasion of your birthday, here's a little chuckle courtesy of we who admire your courage:
"When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a pussy." -- Commanding General, 1st Marine Division
(I hear that the General was Tommy Franks but can't confirm it.)


Anonymous said...

I come here from time to time to see if you have evolved, even a little. Sometimes I see a glimmer of hope that you just might be a little different. Now, I see this. It takes real courage not to admire war and it takes intelligence not to confuse the two. This is so sad, especially for the 1st Marine Division with which my father fought so bravely on Okinawa.

Kadnine said...

Lighten up, son-of-a-1stMarDiv-Marine! Can't you take a joke?

Here's a heads-up from a current day 1stMarDiv Marine... your feigned sadness just makes this joke even funnier! This quip certainly was not from some unnamed "Commanding General of the First Marine Division" you doof. You've obviously never been in the Corps.

(Unless, of course, your comment was posted as satire, in which case I apologize. It's near impossible for me to tell anymore what with the antics of the anti-war Left being about parody-proof.)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Dawn's fugly butt in Iraq.

Then we'd talk about war protesters being pussies.

Lee said...

Oooh, nice come back talking about courage... Anonymous.

Dawn said...

If by "evolved," Anon 10:31am (can't you Libs come up with a name of some sort?), you mean that you hope I lose my sense of humor and become a pacifist pussy then don't bother coming by. Trust me that's never going to happen!

Your Dad would probably have laughed his arse off at that quote. Time for *you* to evolve, Mr. Anonymous.

Dawn said...

Oh really, Anon 9:10pm (sheesh what is it with you pussies that you can't even make up a name?!), and *you* would see my sexy butt in Iraq how??... because *you're* there and you'd see me when I showed up? Is that it.

For the record, my sexy Conservative butt would have been in Afghanistan and Iraq if they would have waivered my age. That didn't happen. The best I can do now is cheer them on and support them here at home which I fully intend to continue doing.

As for this comment:
"...Then we'd talk about war protesters being pussies."

Are you pro-choice, Anon 9:10pm? If so, unless you've (a) had an abortion or (b) performed one, according to your perverse pseudo-logic, you have no right to support either of those people in what they do. Idiot. Why not spew crap like that on some idiot Lib blog where that makes sense?

Ack. The nonsense I put up with on this blog. Get your heads on straight "Anonymooses" and then come on back to Mamma.

Anonymous said...

Just want to say that I was the first post in this thread (11/10 10:37AM) and I did not make the nasty anon comment later which I consider mean and stupid. I see this is still just a polarizing, name-calling place where people admire war and question the patriotism of others. No, my father would NOT have laughed at that comment. He didn't fight and be injured to make fun of fellow Americans who see the world differently than he did.

I'll take your advice and stay away.

Dawn said...

Even though Anon 11/10 10:37am will not be stopping in anymore, I just want to take the opportunity to point out that people who agree with the necessity of war at times in history are not ADMIRERS of war.

The two concepts are completely different. I am not an admirer of war. I am a student of history. When diplomacy, cease fires, and other means fail, there can be no peace between adversaries until one has lost in a war. Throughout the history of mankind you can count on two fingers the times peace was had between adversaries without a surrender from war.

The father of "Anon 11/13 12:04pm" probably had the luxury of returning from WWII a hero, unlike his fellow Marines who returned from Vietnam to spitting, name-calling, nasty idiot war protesters. Because those idiots are still fresh in the collective national memory and are still trying to make our military out to be baby killers, we have to be ready to use a few names and to put down the idiocy in whatever way we feel is suitable.

You simply cannot compare the attitude of vets from either of our World Wars to the vets from our modern wars. There are two MAJOR differences: (1) Our current vets are VOLUNTEERS; not a single conscript has gone to war. (2) Vets from WWI and WWII returned home as liberating heroes to hometown parades.

I'm really tired of the comparisons that are simply apples to oranges. When will people wake up and stop comparing things that simply are not the same?! Pay attention, folks. This is your freedom, your country, your way of life, your liberty that is at risk in this war. If you can't see the differences, there are some who will gladly point them out to you before they behead you.

Anonymous said...

He didn't fight and be injured to make fun of fellow Americans who see the world differently than he did.

Actually, yes he did. As did my father-in-law. They fought to protect our freedom of expression, religion, voting and every other right you currently enjoy. If he was a WWII vet, then he was also protecting the right of our government to segregate blacks and whites--which at the time was legal. Everyone joins the military for different reasons. Each is honorable. And if you had any ounce of pride in what you're father did, you would have done your time in the military too.

Kadnine said...

Anon wrote:

"I come here from time to time to see if you have evolved, even a little."


"if you had any ounce of pride in what you're father did, you would have done your time in the military too."

Bye, Anon.

You either (being a regular reader) knew Dawn tried to join, and are ignoring that fact (in which case you're a liar)


You didn't know she tried to join up (in which case you're a fool for deploying the chickenhawk argument without doing your due dilligence. Oh! And you also lied about being a regular reader. A twofer!)

In either case, we don't much care about the opinions of fools and liars around here.

Ba Bye!