Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Freakin' Christmas. Here's your furlough.

Initial Pentagon Furlough Notices to Be Sent Out This Week

Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England has notified Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin that a notice of pending furloughs will be sent to 100,000 affected civilian employees and contractors this week.

While leftwing politicians play games with the funding for our troops and their operations during wartime in an effort to somehow "hurt" President Bush, civil service workers will be the first to pay the price. Over 100,000 civilian employees are going to be furloughed without pay.

Sadly, the only Christmas image I can seem to picture is that of Reid & Pelosi as Mr. and Mrs. Santa smiling, waving, and saying, "Ha Ha Ha! Merry freakin' Christmas! Here's your furlough! (I hope you weren't expecting a bow on this...)"

Let's hope those clowns stop screwing around with funding our troops and their services this way during wartime. Drop them a note, folks. Call their offices. Tell them that America's men and women in uniform deserve better than this!

(Thank you, Johnny Waltz, for the reminder and the link.)

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